Meet the Characters! Rita and Micah

Come June 6, you’ll have your own opportunity to wander the charming streets of Dogwood, Texas, and meet all the folks who populate the town. But for now, I’m giving you a quick intro to some of my favorite characters.

Rita BarlowLike Rita Barlow. She’s Scott’s mom, and the town’s most famous baker. Well, since she worked in the high school cafeteria, she has fed most of the town at one time or another.

Rita got married late in life, but raised Scott alone. Her husband was a rambler–a “vagabond,” as she puts it–who left the family soon after Scott was born. She blames herself for not recognizing him for what he was. She got two things out of the marriage: her modest home and her son. With a decent income (supplemented by baking wedding cakes), a place to live, and a son to love, she was content.

“Was” being the operative word. Now she wants grandkids, and like any good, meddling mother, she reminds Scott of all the single women in town. Emily Taylor is just one of them–there are lots to choose from.

Rita and Scott attend a small church on the outskirts of town, a twin-steepled, wooden structure that has been there since Scott and Emily were kids, and long before. The current pastor there is Micah Walton.

Micah WaltonMicah answered God’s call forty years ago, giving up a lucrative business in the printing industry to preach. Widowed five years ago, he has one son, Ezra, who is also a preacher.

Aside from his God and his son, Micah has a special love for fishing. Although he lives in the parish house, he owns property holding a nice-sized stock pond, and he puts it to good use for youth and young adult gatherings, singles’ cook-outs, father-son days–you name it, he’s probably hosted it.

Another thing he loves is Rita’s cooking. He spends a lot of time with her–to the point his britches fit a little snugger. It’ll be interesting to see who gets married first: Scott and Emily, or Rita and Micah . . .

You’ll get to find out soon, because,

The Cat Lady’s Secret releases June 6th!

cover full size

And I’ll be doing all sorts of fun stuff between now and then, and holding the “Cat in a Coffee Cup Giveaway” on Facebook June 12th, when I’ll be giving away a new coffee mug every twenty-five minutes for two hours! It’s gonna be a blast!

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2 Responses to Meet the Characters! Rita and Micah

  1. K.M. Weiland says:

    I love this picture of Rita. Makes me feel like she’s inviting me right in for a piece of pie. Which I would LOVE right now.


  2. I love it too. But I wish I found one of her baking a wedding cake.


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