Scott Barlow, Destroyer of Sex Lives

Scott BarlowNot people, pets. He’s the goodlookin’ single veterinarian in Dogwood, Texas. Among his patients are Puddin’, the Yorkshire Terror with a bacon addiction, and Porki, the pot bellied pig with a gas problem, not to mention the stray cats Millie brings to him to give their shots and destroy their sex lives.

Aside from operating his small animal practice, Scott has big animal dreams: he wants an equine clinic someday. Since paying off his college loan means he’s going to be relatively broke for a while, he settles for taking in neglected horses and stabling them in his small pasture in the country until he can find a better home for them. Sort of like Millie and her cats, but on a grander scale.

His interests aren’t limited to animals. He’s a fan and coach of junior and senior little leagues. One of the kids he takes special interest in is Spencer Milligan, his friend Parker’s son. Parker and Spencer have been at odds–teenagers! Who can understand ’em?and sometimes Scott seems caught in the middle, but what all three can agree on are horses and baseball.

Scott’s mama, Rita Barlow, is the best baker in the county. Scott’s daddy left them long before he spoke his first words, leaving Rita to raise her boy by herself. She did a good job, too. Now, she wants nothing more than for him to get married and give her grandchildren. He wants nothing more than to marry Emily Taylor. But he can’t get her to say yes to a marriage proposal if he can’t get her to say yes to a date.

If he hadn’t been so shy when they were kids, he probably would’ve already landed her hand in marriage. But when they went away to college, he came back to Dogwood, and she moved to Houston. A ten-year separation is a long time, but he never stopped loving her. By the time they reunite, he realizes she isn’t the same person he knew before. But the woman she is enchants him just as much as the girl she was. Nothing can change that.

Can it?

You can find out soon!

The Cat Lady’s Secret releases June 6th!

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Tune in to my Facebook page for all sorts of fun stuff between now and then, including the “Cat in a Coffee Cup Giveaway” on June 12th, where I’ll be giving away a new coffee mug every twenty-five minutes for two hours! It’s gonna be a blast!

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4 Responses to Scott Barlow, Destroyer of Sex Lives

  1. K.M. Weiland says:

    You really nailed it with that hook-’em-in post title, didn’t you?


  2. Lynn Mosher says:

    LOL Woo-hoo! Happy for you. You’re doing a great job of making it fun! 😀


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