Murder a Cappella review

murderDo you love mysteries? Do you love barbershop harmony? If so, you’ll love Murder a Cappella, by James Callan and Diane Bailey.

Tina Overton, Fort Worth cop, is also a barbershop quartet member. The bit international competition is being held in San Antonio, which means Tina is out of her jurisdiction when two singers are murdered on the first day of the competition. Being a participant puts her in a unique position to help local cops–if only she could get them to listen to her.

There are lots of candidates to choose from in this who-dun-it, which presented me with my only problem with the book: I couldn’t keep up with all the names–not just character names, but quartet names–and I’d get confused about which name went with which quartet. Since I read this on my Kindle, I had a hard time flipping back to find who certain folks were. Kindle’s search function didn’t help with this one.

Still, it’s a good read, and deserving of a good solid four.

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4 Responses to Murder a Cappella review

  1. K.M. Weiland says:

    Like the title!


  2. Thanks, Linda, for reviewing MURDER A CAPPELLA. And thank you, K.M.. We tossed around several titles before coming up with this one. The novel was fun to write, first because I wrote it with one of my daughters – who actually sang in the Sweet Adelines International Finals. Her chorus came out fourth in the world. (She write mostly YA non-fiction – with over 30 titles published.) And second, it was a great venue and easy to have fun with it. Thanks for the comments.


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