It’s Out, It’s Out, It’s Out!!!

Writing in ObedienceSo much for a March 18 release date–this book is available on Amazon now!

When you consider that we finished this around mid-December, the idea that Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas has it out by the end of February is nothing short of amazing. One of the benefits of writing with my agent, I suppose.

Early comments have been super, and I can’t be happier about them. One lady did wish we’d taken it further, and I do too. I wonder if, given more time, we could have. But based on her suggestions, I now have related material for speeches without actually repeating what’s in the book, so I’m happy.

I’ve often thought there will be folks who’ll disagree with what we have to say in the book, and that’s okay. We at least get authors thinking about who they’re writing to and what their needs are. We remind them that they have a huge responsibility when providing answers/solutions to the problems Christians face or when giving non-Christians something to think about. We remind them Who they’re writing for, and that He deserves the very best of our efforts.

Writers of Christian Fiction face more challenges than other authors. Not only must we follow the “rules” of our subgenres–romance, historical, fantasy, thriller, whatever–we must present our message/moral problem/solution within the context of Biblical principles. That means we have to know our stuff. And, like I said, that’s an added responsibility.

There is a difference between Christians who write fiction, and authors who write Christian Fiction. Both sets are Christian, but only one writes in the genre. I hope everyone who wants to write in the genre of Christian Fiction will study this book.

Help me get the word out!

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It’s out! *Writing in Obedience* is out on Amazon! #writetip #ChristianFiction @pprmint777


If you order the print version today, you’ll get the Kindle version free!

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11 Responses to It’s Out, It’s Out, It’s Out!!!

  1. Joanne Sher says:

    Bounce bounce bounce. SO excited for you!


  2. Audrey McLaughlin says:

    Since I have Amazon Prime, my copy will be here on Wednesday. I look forward to receiving it and finding answers to the questions I have about writing Christian Fiction.


  3. Congrats! Off to post my review…


  4. Lynn Mosher says:

    Awesome, awesome, awesome! So happy for you! (y)


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