Good News and Gooder News!

Writing in ObediencewriterThe good news is that everyone who entered the drawing by pre-ordering Writing in Obedience and leaving a comment for me will receive a copy of A Writer’s Survival Guide. 

Although I got so few comments to show for it, there were tons of hits to the Amazon link. I got several readers here from Terry’s site, so chances are they already had his book. I hope everyone who reads it will leave a review. You know the proper care and feeding of an author includes reviews and shares!

The better news is that everyone talked me into putting Give the Lady a Ride out myself. My dear friend and fellow author, Lynnette Bonner, is going to help me figure out how to do it, and it should be up and ready by the time the current Kindle edition expires.

Give the Lady a Ride (2)Being released by your publisher isn’t unusual, going out of print happens to the best of authors. It saddened me for a while, but everyone’s right. Today, authors aren’t held hostage by the whim of their publishers. If we still believe in our work, we can take over the reins and keep it out there.

Well, I still believe in Give the Lady a Ride. I’m still proud of it, still pleased that my first baby was an award-winner. So I’m going to do everything I can to keep it out there and keep it going.

Thank you to everyone who cared enough to give me direction in this. This part is new to me. I self-published only one book, Public Speaking for Newbies, and then only because I wanted to see if I could. Kindle Direct is terrific, but it’s only for Amazon. I don’t know how to get my book out with other cyber-distributors in both electronic and print form. Looks like I get to learn.

Welcome me into the 21st Century.

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10 Responses to Good News and Gooder News!

  1. Gay Ingram says:

    Taking that next step into the electronic world of publishing is always intimidating…but, you can do it, Linda.


  2. Lisa Grace says:

    You can do it. 🙂 Read the articles/book I recommended the other day and you’ll be ahead of the learning curve. Smashwords and Draft2Draft are both aggregators that will load your book up for sale in the iTunes, Nook, Sony, Kobo, Deisel, Page Foundry, and other stores.
    You shoud also upload your book to AllRomance.dom
    As far as the print book, is where the majority of writers turn.for great distribution. Use their suggested pricing, and Amazon will put your book on sale, and promote it.
    It’s not hard to learn self publishing, and the pay off is you’ll keep building a reader base.


    • Linda Yezak says:

      Thank you so much, Lisa! I’ll do the best I can with this. One reason I didn’t want to self-publish is because I wanted someone else to do all this for me. With Lynette’s help, I can get this one out, but if I do any more, I may actually pay some vanity publisher to do it. 😀


  3. Very cool about Give the Lady a Ride. I became convinced about the idea of self-publishing and traditional publishing being able to help market each other. You’re in a unique position by taking a traditionally published book and putting it out yourself. Great idea.

    And thanks for the book on its way.


    • Linda Yezak says:

      You’re welcome! I hope you like it!

      As for self vs traditional publishing, my attitude has been changing on daily basis. I wanted to be established as a writer whose books are worth buying before I went by myself, like DiAnn Mills, Jim Bell, and Brandilyn Collins are doing, but I wasn’t expecting to have to repub my traditionally published works. I have so much to learn about this industry!


  4. Joanne Sher says:

    YaAAAY! So excited for you on BOTH counts! 🙂


  5. Awesome! I’m so happy to hear you’re keeping Ride alive. Let me know if I can help with anything!


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