Available for Pre-order!~~~and Giveaway!

Welcome, readers of the Hartline blog! Since you’re new to this post, I’m extending the drawing to Monday, February 3. Watch for the announcement of the winners!


Writing in Obedience
I can’t believe how quickly Eddie Jones at Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas got this up on Amazon! Basically, from December to January, since I was working on the project during our hunt in the Hill Country at the end of November. True, the release date isn’t until March 18, but it’s available for pre-order now.

Terry wrote the back cover copy:

This book is for the new Christian writer or the writer looking to decide how God wants them to incorporate their faith into their writing. How do we know what the Lord wants us to do? Are we being called to write or do we want to write for Him as an offering? What is required of the author using their writing for the Lord and how do they go about it? What do we really want to achieve with our writing, and how do we define success?

Also included in the book is a definition of Christian Fiction as a genre and a discussion of the different audiences authors in this genre address–along with the structure best used to reach their audiences for God.

Terry and I both include personal stories of our writing journeys, and Terry answers some questions I’ve fielded through some on-line loops and groups pertaining to the query process. He covers the query process in his short book, A Writer’s Survival Guide to Getting PublishedWriting in Obedience was initially intended to be a companion piece.


So here’s the deal:

I’ll give away a copy of A Writer’s Survival Guide to Getting Published to three drawing winners. Just pre-order Writing in Obedience and leave evidence of your order here on this post to be entered into the drawing.

Winners will be announced Friday, January 31! Monday, February 3rd!

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16 Responses to Available for Pre-order!~~~and Giveaway!

  1. Yippee! I just pre ordered my copy from Amazon: Order Number: 102-9168411-7526613.

    I hope I win. I hope I win. (I hope I win.) But my copy of this ‘un is coming! I win!


  2. Order #115-6822105-7043411
    Placed on Thursday, January 23, 2014


  3. Marilyn Turk says:

    Hi Linda.
    I just read Terry’s blog and jumped over here to order. I’d love to have both books!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

    Order Number: 110-8526099-2669809
    Thank you, your order has been placed.
    An email confirmation has been sent to you. New! Sign up for delivery updates by text for this and future orders.


  4. Cindy Huff says:

    tems Ordered Price
    1 of: Writing in Obedience – A Primer for Christian Fiction Writers [Paperback]
    By: Terry Burns
    Condition: New
    Sold by: Amazon.com LLC
    – 1 item(s) Gift options: None Change gift options
    Cindy Huff
    Looking forward to reading this book. Always learn so much from Terry at conferences.


  5. Lisa Simmons says:

    Order Number: 103-4842104-6434611


  6. Audrey McLaughlin says:

    This books sounds wonderful and promising. I just preordered it on Amazon…with my Prime account. I look forward to reading it. Order #114-5728773-191XXXX Thanks for entering me in your drawing for Writers’ Survival Guide.


  7. Cate Macabe says:

    I’m really looking forward to getting my copy of “Writing in Obedience.” I know it will help me make some important decisions about the direction of my writing. (It would be great to be entered into the giveaway, but since I’ve just placed my order today I’m sure it’s too late. Just in case, here’s the order number: 113-5467326-7089836. Thank you!)


    • Linda Yezak says:

      Oh, Cate, I wish you’d seen this earlier! Since there were so few responders, I decided to give away the rest of my copies of Terry’s book. Between this site and my other, there were a total of six responses–and that’s all the books of his I had. I hope you enjoy *Writing in Obedience,* though. Thank you for pre-ordering!


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