Resolution Time!

Goals 2014It’s that time again. Time for me to make all those resolutions I’m pretty sure I’ll break before the end of the year’s first quarter. But I have to admit, this year I’m pretty excited about it. I even have a head start. Last week, I started cleaning and decluttering and actually found my desk! Is that not cool?!

The first Monday in January is my favorite day of the year. It’s the day when I  get earnest about keeping my resolutions. Face it, January 1 is a holiday. Who can take it seriously? And since it landed in the middle of the week this year, the entire week’s shot. I only have two days to keep my resolutions before the weekend comes and they’re blown out of the water before they even get a chance to float. Monday. That’s the day. Life returns to normal, tires slip comfortably back into their ruts, work days ooze into other work days until the Friday adrenaline rush hits.

This year, I have two books coming out, The Cat Lady’s Secret and Writing in Obedience, so I’m going to have to pay particular attention to promotions and marketing. So, 2014 Goal #1 is to figure out how to do it better than I did for Give the Lady a Ride. I’m going to brainstorm some ideas, get some posts and interviews typed up and ready to share, develop some tweets and Facebook posts for use by those willing to help me. Yeah, buddy. The part I hate the most about this business is about to hit in double force, and I’ve gotta be ready. I will be.

I hope.

After listing all my writing projects, I’ve finally narrowed them down to two. And I’m going to keep it that way in an effort to stay focused. Aside from needing to keep up with my blog posts and maybe even writing a few posts for other blogs for promotional purposes, I need to concentrate on my writing. If Brad hadn’t already had the basic storyline for The Simulacrum, I wouldn’t have had a single project finished last year. (Our collaborative effort has been getting some great attention, but nothing definitive yet. My, how slowly the publication wheels turn.) And, of course, there’s Writing in Obedience, which I cowrote with my agent, Terry Burns. That one came up as a surprise right at the end of the year. It wasn’t even one of my projects.

This year, I must finish something of my own (although I admit, cowriting can be fun!).

Late last year, I picked up a new editing position with a small company called Castle Gate Press. I’m looking forward to working with them, as well as with Port Yonder Press when they need me, and with Terry as his editorial assistant. I also have a few private clients to keep me going. This is great for my editorial service, Triple Edge Critique, but it also means I’m kinda swamped. I love it when I’m busy and usually work best under pressure, but–and it’s a big but–the housework suffers.

Yeah, I hear all the groans out there. I hear the voices advising me to do everything from “Hire a maid” to “Hand the dust bunnies a Swiffer.” I hear ya. Really, I do. But after two years of being sick, I gotta do somethin’. And once I get it done, I have to keep it up to avoid getting a “condemned” sign on my front door. Ordinarily, keeping a clean house wouldn’t be high on my list, but I’m sure you see my dilemma for this year, don’t you?

Hey–ya wanna come help? I’ll serve coffee and chocolate!

Well, you can’t blame a girl for trying . . .

So there you have it, my New Year’s resolutions/goals presented in a roundabout way: Market my books, write my manuscripts, and clean the house a bit more frequently. Nothing about losing weight (although now that I’m gaining again, I should probably keep it under control), nothing about reading a book a week (I know better than to make that one), nothing about feeding the world or any other humanitarian act (things I wouldn’t publicize anyway). Just three simple things: Market, Write, Clean.

We’ll see how well I do.

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13 Responses to Resolution Time!

  1. Pegg Thomas says:

    I’ve spent the better part of my life avoiding making New Years Resolutions. I don’t expect this year to be much different. But – I did receive “The One Year Study Bible” for Christmas and I’m looking forward to reading through the Bible this year in an organized study format.


    • Linda Yezak says:

      Oh, that’s a wonderful present! I’ve been looking for a good study, but haven’t really decided what I want to work on yet. I want to know *all* of it–*everything*!

      Happy New Year!


  2. Gay Ingram says:

    I never make New Year’s resolutions but as I read over today’s post, I realize I have set some goals for the coming year. My writing goals are twofold: a re-issue of Troubled Times, a novel that has been out of print for some time. (Although if anyone is interested in a copy, there’s this unopened carton of books…sigh!)
    I’ve also challenged myself to try something entirely different, thanks to Evelyn and Cathey. I dug out something I started over ten years ago and hope to turn that idea into a Western serial.
    Not really goals, just projects to keep myself writing this coming year.
    Oh, and I’m still contributing a blog every week to Venture Galleries.


    1 – See the five Flash Fictions I’ve submitted [after a little tweaking] for an anthology of short stories involving HIV/AIDS as its theme in print.
    2 – Finish writing and the self-publishing my second romance novel, an adult Contemporary with a paranormal element running through parts of the storyline. My working title for this novel is “His Darkest Secret.”
    3 – Compile and self-publish an anthology of the Flash Fictions I’ve written.
    4 – Raise the funds necessary to make # 2 and # 3 become a reality. [Anyone care to buy a copy of “I Kissed a Ghost” 🙂 ]

    A Happy and Prosperous New Year to everyone reading this and your families.
    G-d Bless !!!


  4. Joanne Sher says:

    You GO, girl! Praying for your goals/resolutions!

    I’m focusing most this year on my one word (my first time doing it – and my word is content. Can I say yikes??? LOL), but I do have a couple writing-related goals:
    1. write 12 picture book manuscripts (drafts – rough as they need to be!) in the year (participating in a challenge called 12×12 that is specifically for this)
    2. Learn as much about the picture book business as I can
    3. In general, either write or edit a picture book manuscript five days out of each week.

    We’ll see how that goes!


  5. Good luck, Linda! Those are great goals and I think it’s a great idea to keep them to a minimum. Set yourself up to succeed! I’m cheering for you!


  6. K.M. Weiland says:

    Monday is my “official” beginning of the year this year as well. I get to start on two new projects – new novel and some supplementary workbooks for my non-fiction. Can’t wait!


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