Tomato Blast!

Fellow Christian PEN editor Alice Benavides has a messy experience to share~~~

tomato explosionFor some years, I have grown my own tomatoes and canned my own tomato sauce. In a large pot, I simmer the quartered tomatoes, diced onions, and spices until it smells simply delicious. And then while still hot, I blend about a quart of the mixture at a time and seal it in jars for canning.

Well, on one occasion, the glass blender jar for my blender had broken, so I had no choice but to use the plastic jar that came with the blender. Not thinking about it, I poured my fresh hot tomato sauce into the plastic container, screwed on the lid with the blades, inverted it into the blender, and hit the button.


All I remember is the plastic blender jar swelling up like a balloon and blowing off the blender base, smacking the ceiling and sending tomato sauce all over me and the kitchen. Instantly, it was everywhere. From the kitchen window to the basement door and back.
Just minutes before all this, I had allowed our pastor to use the copier that was located in the basement below the kitchen. He was printing his copies when he heard the explosion. Curious about what had happened upstairs, he continued what he was doing.
Meanwhile, knowing Pastor would come up from the basement at any moment, I hurried to the bathroom to check myself. I cleaned tomato seeds out of my hair and changed my clothes. Then quickly, I grabbed a cleaning cloth from the laundry room, wet it, and ran back into the kitchen as though I could possibly clean up the huge mess before he opened the door.

I had time to wipe off the basement door and had just knelt down to start on the floor when the door opened! The smirk on his face turned it all into laughter!

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8 Responses to Tomato Blast!

  1. Gay Ingram says:

    Reminds me of the time when I was still a kid and my aunt lived in the apartment above us. She was processing tomatoes in a pressure cooker when it exploded.


  2. Linda Yezak says:

    Thanks for joining us today, Alice!


  3. Ah I can so sympathize. What a mess! And, tomato sauce has a tendency to stain. EWWWW! And of course, when you have prestigious company, of course. I’ve had pressure cookers blow up on me (brussel sprouts) and one time my husband was pureeing something pink and forgot to put the lid on the blender. Yeah, that was a fun clean up. What else can you do but laugh and get out the cleaning rags? Thank you, Alice, sharing. We know we are not alone. πŸ™‚


  4. Wayne Wasion says:

    Being the aforementioned pastor, I remember this event quite well. Seeing Alice on the floor frantically cleaning up tomato sauce was a sight to behold. (Actually, in her haste, she really wasn’t cleaning it up. More like smearing it around.) The look on her face said, “I can’t help but laugh, but I really want to cry.”


  5. Alice Benavides says:

    Thanks for the comments. Yes, it’s good to know that we are not alone in our brainless moments. I was so aggravated with myself. Days later, I found tomato sauce inside the cabinet above where I was working!


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