Veteran’s Day

veterans dayBilly’s dad served in WWII, my dad served in Korea. Billy served during the Vietnam war. His son served, and now his grandson is serving. So far, God has blessed the service men in this family, and they’ve come home healthy and unharmed.

Not all are so fortunate. Our military should be remembered for their service and sacrifices. If you’re looking for practical ways to show your appreciation, here are a couple of ideas:

Wounded Warrior Project

Gary Sinise Foundation

Until the fulfillment of the prophecy that man will “study war no more,” we will need courageous men and women to defend our nation and serve on our behalf. God bless all those who answer the call.

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3 Responses to Veteran’s Day

  1. Amen, Linda. My husband served in the Marine Corp, my son served in both the Navy and the Army, the last during our push from Kuwait to Baghdad. My other son served in the Coast Guard. Proud of them all. Thankful they too came home unscathed. God bless our veterans those currently serving.


    • Linda Yezak says:

      I join you in your thankfulness! And thank *you,* too. Those who serve have others behind the scenes who must do without them. That’s just as much a sacrifice for the country as actual military service.


  2. contrerassons says:

    Thanks for remembering.


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