Pecan Pie Gone Wrong

Fellow Christian PEN editor Nancy Williams’s nutty experience~~~

pecan pieOne day I was listening to my husband’s telephone conversation while combining ingredients for his favorite pecan pie. I’ve made it many times, so did it almost without thinking.

By the time his phone call was complete, I had filled the crust and stuck the pie in the oven. He was talking to me at the time, so it only faintly registered that the filling was quite thin.

However, it wasn’t until I pulled the pie from the oven fifty minutes later that I noticed that while its crust was perfect, golden brown, the filling still hadn’t set at all. I felt foolish, trying to recall what I had done wrong.

I was dumping it in the trash can when I realized I had not added the three large eggs the recipe called for. Just to reassure myself that I wasn’t losing my touch, I had saved all the pecans and immediately made a new pie, which turned out amazingly good, and gave me hope that I was still on top of my game.

At that point I decided I might do well to keep my focus on my task, rather than do things by rote, which is no longer as reliable as it once was.

Enough said.


Nancys web photoNancy Arant Williams is a retired RN, the author of nearly thirty books, a speaker and book editor as well as the former associate editor of Beautiful One Magazine. She has been writing and editing for over twelve years and her passion is making other people’s books “sing.” She and her husband are Nebraska transplants who live in the heart of the beautiful Missouri Ozarks, where they own and operate The Nestle Down Inn Bed & Breakfast. She has two married children, and six remarkable grandchildren.

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2 Responses to Pecan Pie Gone Wrong

  1. Linda Yezak says:

    I feel for ya, Nancy. Pecan pie is supposed to be the easiest to make, but for some reason, mine *rarely* sets. I have yet to figure out why!


  2. Pecan pie is my husband’s favorite. It may be simple, but I find it is not as easy to make as people say. I finally found a wonderful recipe which I like better than most and so far, so good. But, with the upcoming holidays just around the corner, well, we’ll see. At least you had enough ingredients in stock to make a new pie, Nancy. I usually mess up when I don’t have any back up plan. 🙂


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