Hide in the Box

I’m still with Mom. (She’s doing better, thanks for asking.) I had Monday #9 yesterday. Flipped a pancake, and it landed gooey-side down on the stove. Tried to catch a falling egg and smashed it. The city decided to “blow out the pipes”–don’t ask me, I don’t understand–and both bathrooms flooded. I got scolded twice.

I’m tired of Mondays. I’m going to take advice from the cat and hide.

cat box

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14 Responses to Hide in the Box

  1. Joanne Sher says:

    Sorry. 😦 Praying today is a non-Monday Wednesday. Hang in there, okay? I totally feel like the cat more often than I’d like to admt.


  2. patgarcia says:

    Hang in there, dear heart. I have those days too. You asked yourself why me? I once heard a sermon from Derek Prince. He said, “When things go upside down, and you feel as if everything in the world is coming at you, then you are on the right track. You’re being prepared for greater things.” It is just that sometimes I wish the greater things would come soon because what I’m facing can be frustrating, painful, and even depressing.

    So, if you need to hide for a few seconds, do it. Grab a book that inspires you and read a couple of passages or a chapter. After you have strengthen yourself, come back out of hiding and enjoy the peace that you have found within yourself.

    You’re stronger than you think.

    Take care. I’m thinking of you.



  3. Betty says:

    Keep your sense of humor and you’ll be okay. Not only is it entertaining for your friends, but it’s healing balm for your spirit.


  4. I understand the “just enough energy to do only the most basic things” feeling. If anything goes wrong, it is one thing too many. God is still in control. You are still loved and cherished by Him and all around you.


  5. K.M. Weiland says:

    If only we could all look so cute when we have to hide in a box! Sorry things aren’t going so well fro you right now. You’re in my prayers!


  6. It seems the epidemic is still going in full force. I am sorry you are one of its victims. Me too. I think I’d like to hide in the box too. Bad part about that, I can’t see what’s sneaking up behind me. Hope today is a non-Monday!


  7. Lynn Mosher says:

    Oh, dear! Bless your heart! Is there a black cloud over you? Praying for you!


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