Carrot Cake Catastrophe

Sophie Cuffe, half of the Cuffe Sisters team, authors of the Wainright Series, explains how to make bricks out of carrots~~~ 

carrot cakeI always made my carrot cake the day before our church supper so I wouldn’t be pinched for time. But one time I completely forgot all about it. I woke up Saturday, did the morning chores, settled in at my computer to write, and caught sight of the calendar on the wall with the huge SUPPER labeled in red.

I grabbed the carrots from the fridge, got the old metal scraper I use from the oven drawer, wishing there was a faster way to grate them, when my eyes beheld my blender. Yes! I tossed the carrots in and had them finely ground in an instant. Maybe a little TOO finely ground. No time to think about it.

I assembled the cake and threw it into the oven. The usual cooking time is 50 minutes, but that baby hadn’t risen at all after an hour. Nothing stuck to the cake tester, so I figured I was good to go, put it on the cooling rack, and went back to writing.

Once cooled, I couldn’t get it out of the 13x9x2″ pan, so I cut it in half and pried out both pieces with a spatula. It was about ¾” thick, nowhere near the usual 2″. I was down to the wire for time, so I whipped up the cream cheese frosting and made it into a 2-layer cake… that was half the usual size and weighed a ton!

One woman always asks for a piece of MY cake, so I took the coward’s way out and tried to avoid contact with her. Didn’t work. She sought me out in the kitchen and said, “What’d you do to that cake?” I scrambled around in my mind for a Reader’s Digest version of all that had gone wrong, but she continued, “It’s the best I’ve ever had! It was so moist!”

I laughed in relief, but haven’t made a carrot cake since. I discovered a recipe for pineapple cake that’s become a crowd pleaser. I DID learn a lesson from the carrot escapade, though. The new recipe calls for crushed pineapple and I inadvertently bought whole slices, but I had the good sense to stay away from the blender!


sistersSophie is big sister to Sadie Cuffe. They have five e-books published with Desert Breeze Publishing and are clients of Agent Terry Burns of Hartline Literary Agency. Their most recent project is a year-long blog that features a chapter of their current work in progress, a fiction novel titled A WOMAN LIKE ME, followed by daily devotions.

They’re actively seeking guest devotions for Fridays and would love to hear from you! sscuffe (at) yahoo (dot) com

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4 Responses to Carrot Cake Catastrophe

  1. At least your cake was edible, Sophie. The reverse might have been a bit more embarrassing. Great story, good moral. What is the old adage? Haste and waste? I have yet to remember that myself. My Chicken Tetrazzini for today’s pot luck has a similar story behind it, but whew, after two hours of cooking and a run back to the store, it is edible. I forgot my motto to never, never try to cook when I am tired. And the newest motto, never, ever try to shop for ingredients when I am tired.

    I love carrot cake, and from now on, whenever I have some, I’ll be thinking of you, and laughing.


  2. cuffesisters says:

    LOL Cecilia! Sometimes it’s all in the presentation, right? And thanks to Linda for hosting us today – what a terrific idea, as most of us have a kitchen disaster to share. blessings, Sophie


  3. Nikole Hahn says:

    Lol. A fine example of how a baking disaster made a new recipe.


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