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Okey dokey, folks!

The winner has been drawn and contacted! 



Hey, folks–today is October 9th, the last day for the drawing! If you’re interested, leave your comment. I’ll be drawing the winner this evening at 5 p.m. CST. I’ll contact the winner afterward to get an address so PartnersHub can send the prize.

Thanks to everyone who has participated so far!


Strangest thing happened to me recently. I got a note from some dude named Mike who said he’d seen my blog and wanted me to join the promotional team for a new film called “Grace Unplugged.” At the time I hadn’t heard of it, so I marked the email up as spam and went on about my day.

Then I saw a preview of the movie on the UP (Uplifting Entertainment) channel, and I was sold. I want to see this!

I dug Mike’s email out of the spam pile, did some quick research on his group, then wrote him back: “Count me in!”

Grace Unplugged opened in theaters October 4 and is “Family Approved” by the Dove Foundation. It didn’t open around here, but when it does, I want to be first in the ticket line!

About Grace Unplugged:

Sometimes, chasing your dreams leads you right to where you belong!

Having just turned 18, Grace Trey aspires to more than just singing at her church where her father, a former pop star, is the worship leader. So, with the help of Mossy, her dad’s former manager, Grace records a cover version of her dad’s old Top-10 hit, runs off to Los Angeles, and begins to taste the kind of stardom she’s always dreamed about.

Yet with each rung of the ladder she climbs, Grace feels more and more pressure to compromise her values, further straining her relationship with her parents. Will everything she experiences lead her to reject her faith… or rediscover it?

Want more? Look at this! ~~~

The Grace Unplugged Cast:

AJ Michalka
James Denton
Kevin Pollak
Michael Welch

So here’s the deal: 

PartnersHub is doing a giveaway to promote the film. Prize pack includes:

grace unplugged

• Grace Unplugged Soundtrack CD
– Songs by TobyMac, AJ Michalka, Chris Tomlin and Shawn McDonald.
• Grace Unplugged: A Novel by Melody Carlson.
• Own It: The book Discover Your Faith in God by Michael & Hayley DiMarco.
• Grace Unplugged Exclusive Guitar Pick.

(Giveaway open to the U.S. & Canada)

For a chance to win, leave a comment! Tell me you support Christian Film; tell me you’re anxious to see this one. Just leave a comment to be included in the drawing!

The winner’s address must be submitted by October 10th, 2013, so I’m going to shut this down by by 5:00 pm October 9th to give me a chance to contact the winner and get an address. 

Whether you win or not, I hope you’ll see the film. I can’t *wait* for it to show here!!!

Click on the pic below to take the quiz: “Are You Ready for a Rock Star Life?” and check out the music video!

grace unplugged app

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20 Responses to Grace Unplugged!

  1. Justina Page says:

    I definitely support Christian Film! It is so refreshing to see something refreshing with values and that will glorify Christ. My family and I are there!


  2. This looks really good. I plan to see it as well. Thanks for the additional information, Linda.


  3. Lisa Grace says:

    I just drove 45 minutes away to see Unstoppable the other night, so if it comes anywhere near here, my family and I will see it. I’m a big supporter of clean, God honoring entertainment.


  4. Paula Mowery says:

    We love Christian films at our house! We have Facing the Giants and Fireproof, just to name a couple. My family is really excited about seeing this film. We would love a chance to win the prize package. Thanks for hosting this.


  5. Joanne Sher says:

    Sounds like a FABULOUS film – would love to see it – and support it! Put my name in. Thanks, sweet Linda!


  6. I LOVE Christian films, and when they make it in the theaters, my husband and I rejoice. I tried to find a baby sitter this weekend so we could go on opening weekend, but there was this little event called HOMECOMING, and none of my normal babysitters were free. Sigh.

    A friend of mine saw the movie and said it was a great movie. I’m looking forward to seeing it! 🙂


  7. Nan Snipes says:

    It sounds great! I love Christian films and try to support them by going every time I can, or buying them at the Christian book store. As Christians, we need to support them.


  8. rpatchen says:

    I can’t wait to take my daughter to see this movie. She’s 14 and has a beautiful voice and an entertainer’s heart, and I hope this film encourages her to continue to use her talents for Christ. Thanks for sharing!


  9. I DO support Christian films, and thanks for sharing about this one. Please enter my name in the drawing.


  10. Dawn Kinzer says:

    My husband and I saw the movie on Friday, and we really enjoyed it. Good story–great music. I’ve been a vocalist in a contemporary worship band for many years, so I especially appreciated many things about it. As a writer–and a fan of movies in general, I love to support Christian films.


  11. LoRee Peery says:

    I definitely promote Christian films and have recommended this one to my adult children and their children. I highly recommend Feature Films for Families…my grandkids have grown up watching them. A chance to win…yay!


  12. Marji Laine says:

    Sounds like a great film! I am ALL IN when it comes to Christian entertainment! My girls and I love to have movie night with something resonating with our own values. Thanks for the chance to win!


  13. Jordan says:

    I support Christian Film, and I am excited to see this!


  14. contrerassons says:

    Thanks, Linda for letting us know the opportunity. Will it be made into DVD’s–we don’t have tv, couldn’t get a channel if we tried. Sounds like something I’d want my boys to watch. Appreciate the info.


  15. Sounds great! I’d love to see it.


  16. Linda Yezak says:

    Excited to see all the interest in the movie and all the support for Christian entertainment in general! Yea!


  17. Betty says:

    I can’t wait to see this one! I seen some wonderful Christian Films lately and definitely support their efforts!


  18. We’re always on the prowl for good family films, and my girls and I love AJ from her Disney days. It’s so good to see Christian movies getting theatrical releases. Can’t wait to see it!


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