Patience is a Virtue!

samsungIf you’re seeing this, which I scheduled last Wednesday, chances are I didn’t take the time to do a blog post using that dadblasted touch-pad on my new cell phone. The thing frustrates me no end when I’m typing short Facebook posts, so no doubt we wouldn’t become friends through an entire blog post.

I’ll be sure to tell you everything that happened in Indy this coming Wednesday, so be patient with me.

Like the title says: Patience is a virtue!

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3 Responses to Patience is a Virtue!

  1. We understand. Enjoy your time there! We’ll be here, all eyes, waiting to hear of your marvelous adventures in Indy. It would take a whole lot more than a short absence to disengage us, LInda. Have a wonderful time!


  2. Joanne Sher says:

    TOTALLY get it. Really! Looking forward to Wednesday, but I can wait (though I REALLY need to go check for Genesis and Carol winners). Saw some smiley pix of ya, so I’m sure you had a fab time.


  3. K.M. Weiland says:

    Can’t wait! I hope you’re having fun.


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