Facebook Frustrations

facebookOn  AuthorCultureone of my blog partners, Elaine Cooper, asks, “Are you a social media boor?” She concentrated on Twitter boors, those who bombard your tweet stream with drivel or their own promotions, so you have to fight through the mess to find your tweet buddies’ posts. She unfollows folks who do that. I don’t blame her.

There are also boors on Facebook, my social media of choice. Some of my pet peeves:

  • Someone who sends a message to me, “I just liked your page. Here’s the link to my page. Oh, and here’s a link to my book. Read it and give it a review, okay?”

Thank you for liking my page, but, uh–who are you???  At least tell me how we know each other.

  • Someone signs me up for a group without my knowledge.

Recently, I found a bookcover in my newsfeed that had me blushing for an hour. Getting that image out of my head was a struggle. I didn’t recognize the person who’d posted it, so I looked at the group she’d posted it to. Guess what? I was a member! Huh? Not anymore.

  • Someone posts their advertisements on my wall without asking.

Ordinarily, I don’t mind if it’s someone I know, but how hard is it to ask? Just send a direct message and let me know. More often than not, it’s fine–unless you’re selling some sort of dietary snake-oil or have a bookcover that belongs in the triple-X section of an adult book store. Then, not only is it not okay, chances are massive you and I will no longer be “friends.”

  • Someone argues me down because s/he doesn’t like my opinion.

Some folks thrive on debate. Generally speaking, I’m not one of them–at least not in a public forum. So I try to keep my posts clean and neutral. You’ll find lots of things about coffee, writing, and reading; the occasional posts about food and my love for hotdogs and other unhealthy things; and prayer requests when things are rough. The rare occasions I’ve ever said anything controversial have brought responses that remind me why I never post anything controversial. But really, if you don’t like hotdogs, that’s fine. Just don’t blast me for liking them.

  • Someone responds to my friend request by saying, “Here’s my page. Please hit the Like button!”

This isn’t so bad in some respects. Most people who like my page have no idea what my book is about. It’s a numbers game. I realize that. What bothers me most about this is when it’s posted on my wall and the “friend” has comments to her wall blocked. Whatever happened to “turn-about’s fair play”?

  • Someone writes a book-long post.

Again, not really a bad thing–people can write whatever they want to. But have you ever had to scroll through these mega-posts on a cell phone? Oy vey!

  • Someone posts the most stomach-turning pictures they can find.

I recently blocked the feeds from someone who did this, even though we’re in several writing groups together and have the same agent. Every time someone commented on her pictures, they brought them back to the top of my newsfeed. I finally found the “hide” button, but I’d just as soon not have this stuff on my feed at all.

So, this is my list. As things go in this game of life, all these things are petty. But the petty things can get to ya if you haven’t had enough coffee.

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Author/Freelance Editor/Speaker (writing and editing topics).
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11 Responses to Facebook Frustrations

  1. I agree, Linda. We are bombarded with ugly from the news media, and life in general. I turn to social media to feel encouraged, enlightened (well conversations about coffee are enlightening, aren’t they?), and to have a shared laugh. In other words, to interact in a positive way with friends. I don’t mind the informative, (although I could shoot some of those who post those mouth watering recipes of decadent desserts I shouldn’t have! :). ) Now I’ll close my book 🙂 and let you enjoy your coffee. Thank you for speaking out on an annoying problem with social sites.


    • Linda Yezak says:

      I do enjoy the giggles I find on FB. My friends on that site usually brighten my days, and the folks asking for prayers help me to focus on someone other than myself. I love the site–with the few exceptions I mentioned. 😉


  2. K.M. Weiland says:

    “Like” solicitations are one of my pet peeves too. I’m not much of a “liker” on FB period, but when I do like, it’s always something I’ve had personal experience with and actually *do* like. I never like pages from people I don’t know. Never like pages just because someone liked mine first. And, honestly, I would never want someone to like my page if they don’t honestly *like* what I’m doing. Turnabout is fair play.


    • Linda Yezak says:

      I wish I could say the same, but to me, it’s just a number game–all social media focus on the numbers. I was so disappointed when LinkedIn made “endorsements” available by the punch of a button. I really appreciated my personal recommendations from people who were familiar with my work.


  3. Lynn Mosher says:

    I so agree, Linda! Something so big has to have its flaws and drawbacks, unfortunately! However, it is great to connect with like-minded people and share.


  4. Nora says:

    I knew all those post about coffee was gonna get you into trouble. LOL


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