It’s Such a Monday!

coffee crazeI’m late. Again. And I need more coffee. Again. Or, “as usual.” Someday I’ll learn to write and preschedule these posts like smart people do, sometime when I’m awake and alert and cranking on all cylinders. Not save it for the morning when the only things on my mind are coffee, coffee, and coffee.

This time, I blame my lateness on the weekend.

We had a good weekend, for the most part. Saturday, we drove to Waco to see MSB’s sister in the hospital. She had surgery last Wednesday to repair a heart valve. Surgery was successful, but when we went to see her, she was having a hard time keeping her blood pressure up. By the time we left, the nurses had given her the first of two units of blood. Got a call last night that the blood did the trick. She was doing great Sunday, just not while we were there.

Waco is a three-hour drive from here, add to that a three-hour visit, and follow it with a three-hour drive home. I was kinda tuckered out, but not as bad as I have been. I was able to get up and get rolling for church next morning. I’d hate to tell you how many Sundays I’ve missed because I was too worn out to mess with my hair or figure out what to wear. But yesterday, I was ripe and ready to go.

So, we went to church, then did some serious grocery shopping. After I put the groceries up, I cooked lunch, then straightened the kitchen. Followed that up with a nap, and then I baked a banana cake. And made supper. And cleaned the kitchen again.

By seven, I was worn out and went to bed to watch what I call “girl shows.” Programs that have nothing to do with anything remotely of interest to my husband. Nothing about WWII, no cars racing in circles, no hunting, no fishing, no cowboys in old movies. I stretched out in bed, grabbed my book and the clicker, and found some show worth keeping an eye on. Within ten minutes I was asleep. Woke up long enough to turn off the light and the TV, and fell right back to sleep.

Then I woke up for good at one this morning. In case you didn’t know, late night TV stinks.

Just because I was up doesn’t mean I was awake. I did nap a bit on the couch, flip through the channels, and nap some more. What I didn’t do was think up a blog post. And because I’m still tuckered and still don’t have enough caffeine in me, you’re having to read about my mundane weekend. It was the only thing I could think of to write.

Poor you.

I’ll try to do better Wednesday.

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10 Responses to It’s Such a Monday!

  1. Joanne Sher says:

    These posts are TOTALLY you – so don’t be apologizing. Okay??? 🙂


  2. I’ll echo that! Your random posts are some of my favorites.


  3. Joan Vanden Noven says:

    Totally agree with the comments. Love your random posts. You have so much energy. I would be wiped out following a day in Waco. So glad your SIL is doing better.


  4. I will echo the above comments, Linda. We love hearing about your life. (Is that a type of voyeurism?) Shrug. Maybe it isn’t if you aren’t objecting? I agree with the other ladies, all your posts are fun to read and many, many times we learn something too. Glad you are doing so much better.


  5. Gay Ingram says:

    Sounds like a bery, bery busy weekend. Mondays are our going-to-town-for-groceries-and-lunch day. By the time I get the groceries put away ( usually about four) I am completely wiped out for the rest of the day. I don’t dare blame it on my age (73).


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