The Unexpected

Dia WallThis is my favorite news team–Lane Luckie and Dia Wall. The only one not shown is Grant Dade, the weatherman/Friday chef. This morning team jives so well together that whenever one is missing or has been substituted, it throws the whole show off. Like a room in desperate need of feng shui. Like yin without yang. Mutt without Jeff. Peanut butter without–you know what I’m getting at.

I have the news on now, and Dia is wearing the cutest blouse–a classy-looking gold pullover–and a fashionable necklace to set it off. She looks every bit the professional she is.

Then they showed her standing at the green screen, and while the images played across the screen, my eyes were glued to Dia in her classy top and cute little shorts. I ’bout snorted my coffee, I tell ya. I wonder if she’s wearing flip-flops.

The unexpected is something authors should always strive for. Predictability isn’t a good thing in this business. Predictability in plot, character, the grand finale (except for some genres, like romance) is a poison. Shake things up. Twist ’em around. Upend ’em. Search for ways to surprise your reader and keep them flipping pages in search of the next curve-ball you throw at them.

Do a Dia.

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7 Responses to The Unexpected

  1. Now you’ve got me wanting to see her outfit!


  2. Danie Marie says:

    I’ll do my best Linda! ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. The unexpected makes not only for good stories, but good humor as well. Except for the happy ending, surprises should abound. After so much hurt and tragedy, I want my thrills, but I also want a happy ending. Too much of life isn’t. I do not want so much of real life in my entertainment anymore. I want to feel inspired, and left with the faith that good will conquer evil. The fun is in the how.


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