watermelonI love watermelon in the summer. It’s one of the few things about summer I do like. As the days go on, and the leaves start growing tired and dull, and the heat skyrockets, and the bugs grow more aggressive, I fall out of love with summer. Not that I’m pining away for winter, let me assure you of that, but my favorite times of year are the–what? three days of spring and four days of fall?–we get around here. Winter gets a couple of months, Summer takes up the rest of the year, but that’s Texas for ya.

I didn’t plan to write about summer. Didn’t plan to write about anything. I kinda forgot it was Friday/post day until around four-thirty this morning. I’ve been up for an hour and my back’s starting to hurt, but I still don’t really know what I want to write about. So . . . this’ll just be another random-writing Friday. I do that now and then. Just write about nothing in particular or anything that’s distracting at the moment.

Like small-town commercials. I have the news on, and in between weather and local interest clips are a variety of commercials apparently written by the same advertising firm who uses the same group to sing the jingles. This is gonna sound awful, and to any soprano or tenor who’s reading this, let me apologize now—but I’m not a fan of high-pitched sounds. I don’t care how high you can get, I want to know how low you can go. I love baritone and bass (think Trace Adkins–or better yet, George Beverly Shea). A good alto wins my heart every time. But anyone who actually is capable of singing in the key of C is just too high.

And for some reason, local commercials featuring the family kids or grandkids grate my nerves, especially before I’ve had my coffee. Don’t get me wrong, I love my grandkids’ voices–every one of them (although most are older now and have lost that tinny squeal). But something about the kids’ voices on TV early in the morning makes my teeth cringe.

And commercials with shouting/screaming/squealing announcers? That’s why God invented the mute button.

Yes, I’m a terrible person. Have I ever told you otherwise?

AT&T is going to find out how terrible I am if they don’t fix my phone soon. We put up with static forever thinking it was the cheap phones we bought, and we were either too cheap or too lazy (or both?) to get a better product. That was before the phone line died completely and we had to call to get service again. They found a place in the line several miles from here and fixed it and voila! no more static! For a couple of months now, we’ve enjoyed the wonderful “you-can-hear-a-pin-drop” quality of our new line and cheap phones.

Until Monday. Static’s back. And I’m stayin’ in AT&T’s face like a bug splattered on the windshield until they fix it again.

I bet you’re wondering why we have a land line at all. Well, our cell phones don’t work at our house. Guess whose fault that is? AT&T’s. We have four towers in our general vicinity and not a one works for us. I used to call about that on a regular basis and was always being told repair work was in process. After several months of the same song and dance, I garnered the impression that repair work meant driving to the tower and napping in the truck. Fortunately, my Blackberry does the WiFi thing–although I’m sure there’s another word for it–and though I can’t make calls on it, I can check emails, Facebook, and Twitter.

Well, until my phone decided to stop working–taking my camera and calendar with it. That’s when I found out that AT&T will charge me $35 and make me sign a new 2-year contract to give me a new phone at a discounted price. Since we’ve (foolishly) been with them over 20 years, I call that a rip off–and told them so.

Okay, so now I bet you’re wondering why we stay with AT&T. Well . . . I don’t know. Part of it is the idea that most phone companies use the same lines and same towers AT&T uses. I think the lines originally belonged to Southwestern Bell–and may still, I don’t know, or I may be wrong about ownership–but the companies rent ’em somehow. Otherwise, we’d have a different set of phone lines for every company offering service. Same with towers. Each tower has several receivers, if I understand correctly, and each receiver belongs to a different company that rents space on the tower.

Now–that’s the way I understand it. May not be true, I don’t know, but this understanding, or misunderstanding, has been enough to keep me from doing the time-consuming task of finding another company, which brings with it the time-consuming bonus of telling everyone our new phone numbers.

Then again, I’m not too crazy about phone calls when I’m working, so the number could go out to only a precious few. Maybe that would mean we wouldn’t get anymore “spam” calls. That would be a plus. A definite plus.

But what I said earlier is true: I’m too lazy. It’s so much easier to write my complaints here than it is to battle the actual issue. Maybe I’m not fed up enough.

Fed up.





Yeah–end of post.

If you’re lucky, maybe next Friday I’ll actually have something more specific to write about.



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11 Responses to Randomicity

  1. Nora says:

    You can ramble on anytime.


  2. KM Weiland says:

    I gotta say I lurve summer. But summers here are dry, so no humidity – which I’m sure makes it all much better. But I just love the heat. Makes me feel healthier for some reason. And the sunshine, and the green, and the long days, and the open windows at night. Did I mention I lurve it?


    • Linda Yezak says:

      Open windows at night? Uh–your heat doesn’t compare to our heat. AC 24/7, TYVM!!!

      But then, if our winter lasted as long as yours does, I’d probably be singing a different tune (in an alto voice). 😀


  3. I love summer, just not the few days of three digit heat we get now and then. Even that is better than cold winter temps. Of course, my sweater doesn’t even come off until the temperature reaches 80 degrees! And as for random thoughts? Always a joy with the way you write, Linda.


    • Linda Yezak says:

      It probably doesn’t get as hot in Boise as it does here–but it doesn’t get as cold here as it does in Boise! If I spent the winter as a redheaded popcicle, I’d love summer too!


      • Well, we do get into the triple digits now and then. This week we will be in the 100+ , but we do not have any humidity and that helps. “Redheaded popsicle”. Love it. Those come in blond too! I love the four seasons we have. Four months of spring, four months of summer, four months of fall and four months of winter. There is something good about all four and our family traditions revolve around them. In fact there is always something wonderful about everyplace we live.


        • Linda Yezak says:

          Popsicle! I was wondering how to spell that word! Too lazy to look it up this morning.

          Wow. Four distinct seasons. You almost make me want to move to Idaho. Almost . . .


          • LOLOL! You mean I actually spelled something right? I am horrible at spelling! Yes, four wonderful seasons. Yeah, I understand the almost.


            • Linda Yezak says:

              Well maybe not. I’ve tried it three different ways–your way and my two–and still get the squggley line. Fortunately, spelling doesn’t count here! 😀


              • That’s good! We can all read dialect, right? I did google popsicle. And that is the spelling that came up, complete with ads for the frozen treat, spelled the same way. So, now we’re both confused. But, we don’t really care. I love the imagery you created, and that’s what counts. 🙂


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