The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn

The HarbingerMessianic Jew Jonathan Cahn wrote one dynamic wake-up call for the United States. He takes Isaiah 9:10, a proclamation Israel made after being attacked by Assyria, and illustrates its application to America from 9/11 forward. The parallels he presents are astounding–and they’re wrapped in the style of a novel.

So let me say this right off: Cahn is no novelist. If you’re looking for a good story about prophecy fulfillment, keep looking. This one ain’t it. Cahn’s style drove me bonkers, and I found myself skimming to the point I’d sometimes miss important things and have to go back.

However, if you want to know some of the striking parallels between Israel’s prideful moment after their attack and our prideful moment after the 9/11 attack, you won’t find a better book.

Cahn points out something that many Americans no longer believe: The USA began as a Christian nation, based on Christian principles. The historic evidence of this fact is so overwhelming that only a redaction of history could blind people to its truth. Therefore, our history has been redacted. And the corrupt versions have been taught for so long, they’ve become “truth” to those who swallow whatever is spoon-fed them. (Rough words, perhaps, but I’m angry about the denial of our Christian roots when proving their existence is so easy.)

As a Christian nation, dedicated to God as the “New Jerusalem” at Plymouth Rock, we’ve enjoyed God’s protection for centuries. Have bad things happened to us as a nation? Yes, but you can see God’s hand in all of our victories.

However in the last several decades, His existence has been denied and He has been kicked out of all public forums. As a nation, we no longer honor His word or His ways, so we shouldn’t be too surprised that He has taken away His hedge of protection. September 11, 2001, is the first true sign that we are no longer in His favor, but only a discerning few recognize it. The same discerning few who recognize the signs of the times we’re currently in and the implications of things to come.

After the attack, two political figures used Is. 9:10 as a proclamation and promise that we will rebuild. Valiant and encouraging words spoken by representatives of a prideful nation. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to rebuild, wanting to show our enemies we can’t be defeated. But the failure to turn to God during our most grievous times only ensured the removal of His hedge of protection around us. Had those two politicians read the verses before and after Is. 9:10, they may have chosen more humble words of encouragement.

All this and more can be found in Cahn’s book–and for this reason, I can recommend the book. It’s yet another call to “Wake up, America!”


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9 Responses to The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn

  1. TommieLyn says:

    For several decades, as I’ve watched this country slide away from God, I’ve been praying that God would send a Jonah to preach repentance to this Nineveh, to turn us back to Him. When I heard Rabbi Cahn’s powerful keynote address at the Presidential Prayer Breakfast in January (his message is on youtube if you’d care to watch), it seemed to me that he was filling that role, telling America we have to repent.

    I bought The Harbinger, and, per your assessment, his style makes the read difficult…but the message is worth sticking with it to the end. Thanks for bringing this important book to the attention of your followers.


  2. Gay Ingram says:

    I, too, have been deeply stirred from reading The Harbinger. A clear warning to Christians who blind their eyes to the truth about how this country has strayed and what could be the repercussions.


  3. David James says:

    Although as conservative, born-again believe in Jesus Christ, I believe that America is or could soon be under God’s judgment, I am commenting to let you know there is book that presents another side to the story, The Harbinger: Fact or Fiction?

    Although Jonathan Cahn is obviously sincere, and makes a compelling case, there are problems with his book that include a mishandling of Scripture, a misrepresentation of historical facts and events, fault conclusions and a failure to clearly present the gospel.

    I would suggest at least taking a look at The Harbinger: Fact or Fiction? (available on Amazon) because Proverbs tells us that the first person to present their case seems right until his brother comes to examine him.

    There is more going on here than meets the eye at first glance.

    David James
    The Alliance for Biblical Integrity


    • Linda Yezak says:

      I don’t know what your contention is with The Harbinger (you are the author of the book you’re advertising on my site), but I have no qualms with a book that presents the idea that America is receiving a wake-up call. The parallels he draws from the verse are remarkable, but if they were totally off-base, the book still serves as an alert to America to change its ways. I’m not sure nit-picking his premise and theory is a worthy pursuit.


      • David James says:

        Hi Linda,

        Yes, I don’t really like the idea of hijacking a comment thread to advertise my book. And I do apologize if that was inappropriate. There just wasn’t much other of a way to fully make a comment.

        I think if you will look through some of what I’ve written on the ABI website, you will find this isn’t nitpicking at all. It goes to the heart of how we handle the Word of God.

        Just because there are positive results doesn’t mean that we are free to use any means at our disposal to do it. I’m sure a lot of Israelites repented in the face of the approaching Babylonian army, but that doesn’t mean we employ those tactics to elicit a wake-up call – although the Lord is free to do that. Also, remember that in Ephesus, a young girl was following Paul and his team around the city attracting attention to these men of “the Most High God.” And then after 3 days Paul finally stopped her by casting out a demon.

        The point being that when it comes to proclaiming the truth, we must be truthful and on the side of truth. My book demonstrates that The Harbinger does not meet that standard. Pragmatism, the philosophy that says, “whatever works,” is not something we are to embrace as ministers of the gospel.

        And, the fact is, The Harbinger is merely a generic wake-up call, but offers no biblical solution. I deal with The Harbinger’s chapter on “Eternity” which is supposed to provide that solution in theory – but the fact is the gospel is not there amidst the many words. There is no mention of “faith” or “believe” or the resurrection of Christ or the fact that He died on the cross in our place for our sins.

        Altogether, this makes the entire book nothing more than a placebo. It deals with the problem in a misleading way, distorts the Scriptures, misrepresents historical events and then doesn’t offer a real solution.

        If you’re interested, I would be glad to send you a copy of my book for review. If after reading it you still disagree with me and think I’m nitpicking, you have a forum to make that known publicly.

        My concern is not another book sale, but rather that people will understand that there is more going on here than many realize and many are being deceived as a result. The end result of such a thing can never be good, even if it might appear positive in the short run.

        I’m not looking to hijack your blog to get into a debate, so I won’t keep coming back with responses, unless you would like to continue the interaction.

        Respectfully in Christ,
        David James
        The Alliance for Biblical Integrity.


  4. Let us as individuals then as a Nation seek for Truth. We allow ourselves to be blinded to what scripture tells us about God’s plan for humanity.
    We began as a people seeking freedom and justice from oppression. We were from all walks of life, broken and needing God for our very breath. Yes, our countries foundation is based the principles of our Lord Jesus.
    When under God’s covering, we lacked for little, we grew away from him and replaced him with our pride and knowledge. The scripture says we are naked and poor.
    Our country is part of the Falling Away written in scripture. Falling away from what? The Truth, which is our Lord Jesus Christ.
    I welcome any book which will give us a wakeup call to seek God’s forgiveness.
    All is to come as scripture prophesy states. We as a Nation must repent, seek God.
    Relearn what we new in the beginning of our once precious United States of America.
    We as young men answered the call to protect freedom and we were happy to put our lives on the line, because we believed in our Godly principles. Now we are not so young, and
    still beleave in Freedom only bestowed by allowing our Lord Jesus first in our life.
    God Bless
    Chaplain Larry Paul, former Green Beret, United States Army Viet Nam era Veteran
    now a Pentecostal Minister for the Lord


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