Yes! Yes! Yes!

chili rellenosSee that? It’s a chili relleno–a poblano pepper usually stuffed with meat and cheese, battered and deep fried to gain a wonderful crunch. After that crunch comes the gentle sting of a mild pepper, followed by the full-bodied glory of Mexican spices.

I’ve been cravin’ one of these for the longest time, and now I can have one!

You heard right, my friends. I have now been released of all binding food restrictions–well, almost all–and am free to eat even Tex-Mex! Praise the Lord and pass the salsa!!!

The only restrictions I have right now, and they’re only for a year, are certain high-fiber veggies and fruits–can’t have ’em raw, but I can have ’em cooked–and nuts. No nuts whatsoever, but I can have peanut butter. I can live with these restrictions. Beats the tar out of a liquid diet, and even a Crohn’s diet!

fried stuffed avocadoWhich means that I can also have this: a deep fried stuffed avocado (beginning to see a pattern here?). Nothing beats this beauty of crunch and cream, spice and sweet. And cheese, cheese, cheese!

In case you haven’t caught on yet, I’ve missed Mexican food something awful, and I can’t wait to pop something into my mouth that has a touch of cayenne, a dash of cumin, a bit of chili powder. For those who fret about me going spicy too soon, don’t worry–there’s a difference between an upset tummy (which I may or may not get, but I doubt it) and full-blown Crohn’s. I can have spice, but not high fiber foods right now. And I intend to have spice!

Yeeeee-haw! Got a tortilla?

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12 Responses to Yes! Yes! Yes!

  1. Danie Marie says:

    Thank you Jesus, for blessing Linda and for Mexican food! Happy you’re able to eat what you like again.



  2. Woo-hoo! That is definitely something to celebrate! Enjoy it!


  3. Linda… I’m so happy you can eat what you want again! Food is such a pleasure and one of God’s greatest gifts to His children. Not being able to eat all the wonderful things on this earth had to have been horrible. So happy for you that after such a long, tough journey you’re on the mend!



    • Linda Yezak says:

      Oh, yes ma’am! I’m no foodie, but but I do love food. All kinds of food. Whenever I see healthy people limiting their choice of foods to just *this,* and never *that*, I think, “Are you crazy?!” Why restrict yourself? Everything’s fine in moderation.

      However, I do question how moderate I’ll be when I finally get to cut loose in a Mexican Food restaurant. 😀


  4. Nikole Hahn says:

    Very happy for you! :o) My Crohns usually tells me when something I eat doesn’t work, then it changes it’s mind. Mostly, I eat what I want with rare restrictions. I used to enjoy Costco sushi until one day Crohns decided it was a bad idea. LOL. Haven’t had it since. Enjoy mexican!


    • Linda Yezak says:

      I saw a blurb on a menu once that Crohn’s patients shouldn’t eat raw oysters. Even my doctor didn’t know about that. Then, much later, I found a website that explained that raw fish carried bacteria that could kick up a flare. I don’t mind bypassing raw oysters, as long as I can have them fried!


  5. I can understand your joy! After being restricted from some of your favorite things, getting some of them back, and sounds like most of them, I’d be doing the happy dance with a spoon in my hand. So happy for you, Linda.


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