Time to Catch Up

me in gruene tooFirst Monday in June, and I’m just now getting back to my Place. It’s been a bizarre roller coaster ride since April, the last time I did anything here, but I reached the point where I was just tired of writing about my ailments. Now, though, I’m happy to say that we are definitely seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and this time it isn’t a firefly.

I’m not entirely well yet, but I’m on the Humira and am definitely seeing positive results. However, after being ill for over a year and having jelly for muscles, it’s going to be quite awhile before I’m strong enough or have enough stamina to do much. Yesterday, we went to Lufkin to go to both WalMart and Sam’s, then out to lunch at Cheddar’s. Well, I managed WalMart, MSB had to Sam’s, and I was too tuckered to eat at Cheddar’s so I ordered a to-go club sandwich.

But we got to go to the church handbell concert last night. I love handbells!

Work has suffered a bit. The Cat Lady’s Secret has now been rejected by everyone we’ve submitted it to. I can think of a number of reasons, but I believe the main reason is that God knows I’m just not well enough, even now, to do what’s necessary to promote a new release. So, while He’s saying “No, for now,” I’m working on another with my writing partner Brad. He’s hoping we’ll be finished by the ACFW Conference in September. I’m hoping too—quite a bit of work left to do on The Simulacrum.

I’ve also put some thought into how easy it would be at this point to just fade out of the field, like the players fading into the cornstalks in Field of Dreams. There are several aspects of this career that I don’t like, and not having to do them holds a certain appeal. I’ve had my fifteen minutes of fame, and I can tag the phrase “award-winning author” to my resume if ever I decide to get a “real” job, so maybe it’s time to disappear from the scene.

And sometimes I argue the other way. Hang in there, keep writing, keep networking. Who knows which side of me is going to win this internal battle.

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24 Responses to Time to Catch Up

  1. ladybug331 says:

    You are a great writer. I love your Field of Dreams analogy. But the question is if writing is still a dream and passion or if there are new dreams waiting on the horizon?


  2. Chila Woychik says:

    Rest up, then reassess? But if we’re voting, I vote “stay in the game.” You’re a good writer, Linda.


    • Linda Yezak says:

      Thanks, Chila. That’s what MSB says, too. He says I can’t expect to be back in my prime this soon–I am still sick, after all. We’ll see what happens as I continue to improve.


  3. Alex Adena says:

    Clearly, God is telling you to publish The Cat Lady’s Secret on Amazon and keep more of the royalties πŸ™‚


    • Linda Yezak says:

      It’s a thought–but I’d still have to do all the work involved in promoting a new release, not to mention all the work involved in prepping it for self-publication. Yowzah. Makes me tired just thinking about it! πŸ˜€


  4. I agree with Alex. There’s more than one way to skin a cat lady’s secret.


  5. It’s so great to hear from you! What a battle you’ve been in, and what a fighter you are. Kudos to you. I know that God is going to reveal to you what you should do, but waiting is hard. Linda, have you tried the gluten-free diet? A friend of mine is convinced that most of my ailments can be attributed to my overload of carbs and sugar in my diet. I’m about to listen to her advice and order the new book on the subject. Take good care of yourself and I know we’ll all be waiting for your next entry on this blog. Love, Pat


  6. Linda Yezak says:

    Thanks, Sweetie! I’ve looked in to a gluten-free diet and discovered it wouldn’t affect me one way or the other. In fact, as a diet fad, it could be dangerous. Before you take the plunge, research this thoroughly. I found http://cancerdietitian.com/2011/06/what-is-a-gluten-free-diet-and-should-i-be-on-it.html Even though it’s a cancer site, the article applies to all. There are other articles, too, so I hope you take time to look at them.


  7. Lynn Mosher says:

    Oh, MSRHF! I’m soooooooo glad you’re doing better! Makes my heart jump for joy! But I quickly go from glad to sad at the thought you might give up writing. I’ll be praying for you, especially for clarity for the direction God desires for you. Love you! ❀


  8. Sooo glad to hear you’re on the mend! As for the writing, I hear ya on the parts of the biz that aren’t all that likable. You have a lot on your plate right now, so no one could blame you for moving on. And, as you say, anytime you leave now, you go out a winner. But, speaking for myself, I hope you don’t. I think you have half a dozen more award-winning books in that red head of yours!


  9. Nora says:

    Keep writing. And, don’t overdo the other. Nope, this is not a suggestion. JK, it really is but you’re too talented not to write even if working on your next book is all you have the energy/stamina to do now. The rest will come in good time and don’t rush it. Did I mention, don’t do more than what you can.


  10. I am so glad to hear you are getting better. And I agree, God may indeed want you to just take it a little slower for the moment, re-access where your heart really lies, and then go for it, when you are well enough. I kinda think writing is in your heart and your soul and maybe hard to walk away from, but the hard work involved maybe a factor in your decision. I know you will make the right choice for you, and hey, who says you can’t step back and then jump in again? Your fans will still be here. We won’t ever forget. Take care, God bless and lots of prayers and hugs!


    • Linda Yezak says:

      I appreciate hearing y’all won’t forget me. That’s a special comfort! Thank you!!!

      It’s not the writing. I love writing. But jumping the hoops to get published, doing all the marketing and promoting–just not ready to get into that again. Brad’s willing to jump the hoops for The Simulacrum, so I don’t have to. That’s a good thing. πŸ™‚


  11. Gay Ingram says:

    I totally relate to your ambivalence over continuing on this road. I, too, spent two years fighting the reluctance to continue ‘jumping through the hoops.’ I finally gave myself permission to set aside the more and more unsatisfying activity of writing fiction. For now, I’ll continue my daily pages, a weekly blog and producing the newsletter for my writers’ group. That seems to satisfy my inner urge to write.
    I’ve recently taken up a very satisfying occupation of painting furniture which really fulfulls my creative urge. Have no idea if or where this will lead, but for now, I’m happy…and that’s what counts.
    God will direct your path.


    • Linda Yezak says:

      How funny! I want to keep writing fiction, and not go back to refinishing furniture! I did enjoy it when I did it. I also painted some pieces, too, the dropleaf table that serves as my desk in the living room is one. Such a wonderful feeling of accomplishment once you’re finished–and no cranky editors to tell you to do it over again! πŸ˜€


  12. Linda, don’t you DARE make any firm decisions now. You’re an EXCELLENT writer. Praying you bounce back … not matter how many bounces it takes. Love you, love you!


  13. Danie Marie says:

    Yes Linda, hang in there. If God has called you to write, then DO it! don’t stop except to rest.
    Blessings ~ Danie


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