How Can He Get Away with That?

Not feeling too great today, so I settled for a repost. Still love Clancy, and he still drives me nuts.

Linda W. Yezak

I have now read one-fourth of the way through a thousand page novel. Four hundred pages into Tom Clancy’s The Bear and the Dragon. And, other than in the first chapter, the action is just now beginning. Finally.

Clancy is the quintessential example of how not to write a book, at least according to all the how-to’s I’ve read. He has far too many settings. In this one, we’re dealing with the United States, of course, and China, Russia, and Siberia, with a little bit of England, Italy, and the Vatican thrown in, because, after all, if it’s not confusing, it’s not Clancy.

Each setting has its own assortment of characters. I took the time to count the major characters in China alone. Ten. Ten complicated names and ranks to remember. Not to mention what he does with the American characters. Each one has a first and last name, a title, a nickname, a…

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2 Responses to How Can He Get Away with That?

  1. Very interesting take on Clancy. I’ve read several, and you are right, you know the roller coaster is just warming up and then the thrills will start. Hope you feel better sooner than later, and keeping you in prayer so you will.


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