Double Blind, by Brandilyn Collins

double blindLisa Newberry put her hopes on new technology–a chip in her brain to dispel the devastating depression she’d suffered since her miscarriages, her husband’s death, her attack. The chip worked . . . sorta.

She demonstrates incredible strength throughout the novel as she fights to find out what has happened to her. Is she afraid? Ya betcha. Weak? No doubt. But she does what needs to be done to overcome her fear and weakness, and finally arrives at the truth.

I blasted through Collins’s psycho-thriller faster than I have any book in a long time. Don’t let her style fool you, the easy vocabulary, the simple sentence structure, the natural dialogue. Her technique works to catapult you from one page to the next, and her cliff-hanger chapter endings forbid you from inserting a bookmark.

This was my first Brandilyn Collins novel. Won’t be my last.

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2 Responses to Double Blind, by Brandilyn Collins

  1. Danie Marie says:

    I’m even more excited to be in her mentoring class at Mt. Hermon now that I’ve read your review! WooHoo!
    Danie Marie


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