I Called Him Dancer, by G. Edward Snipes

MSB has to work weekends for the next several weeks, and I have a few book signings and conferences coming up. After a long, slow summer, things are going to be hopping around here again.

Among the things this full-calendar fall means is that our big daydreams about The Canopy Bookstore have bitten the dust for the fall festival season. Even if I had weekends free, there is no possible way I could put the little traveling bookstore together without my husband, so we’re shutting it down for the rest of the year.

Before I send the books back to their authors, though, I’m going to give my readers here a chance to order from me. I’ll be putting the books up for sale one at a time for a week-long special: You can buy them at the discounted price of 20% off plus shipping. That’s right! I’m forfeiting my commission in an effort to help my authors out. If you’re interested in the featured book, write to me at pprmint777@yahoo.com and put “Canopy Bookstore” in the subject line.

First up is one of my favorites, Eddie Snipes’s I Called Him Dancer. Cover price is $10.99, but through this close-out, you can get it for $8.79, plus $5.00 shipping.

I Called Him Dancer

He’ll scope out your motel room, your car, your apartment. He’ll break in while you’re gone, or knock you out if you’re there. He’ll steal from you anything of value so he can buy his next fix.

And he’s one of the most sympathetic characters I’ve met since Brady Darby in Jerry Jenkins’ Riven.

There was a brief time in Michael Camp’s life when things were promising, golden. There was a place into which he could disappear from all pain. The time: whenever he was on stage; the place: the dance, where he could cut loose from his loneliness and misery. “Michael closed his eyes and allowed the music to carry him to the secret place where dancers lived . . .”

“With graceful movements, he retrieved stars from the night sky and spread them on the ground before him with a bow.”

What happened to the magic?

Raquel’s life is entwined with Dancer’s, whether he likes it or not. She’s in love with him–whether she likes it or not. God has put love for Michael Camp in her heart, and she can’t turn her back on him. Even now.

Eddie takes his reader on Michael’s hungry journey from small town America to the World Youth Grand Prix in New York through Pahl School of Dance, and back to New York–to Broadway!–and to the streets, where Raquel finds him once again.

 I Called Him Dancer will rip out your heart and soul, and put them back again, changed for the better. Strong Christian message and content. Well worth the read!

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4 Responses to I Called Him Dancer, by G. Edward Snipes

  1. Love that line about retrieving the stars. You keep raving about this book, so I’d better check it out!


  2. I agree with Katie, what a line. I’m’ jealous. Sorry about the book store, but it sounds like you have some great things ahead.


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