Happiness Comes in a Hug

Monday and Tuesday, I had a rare treat, a true blessing from God. I got to meet–in person, mind you–one of my beloved cyberpals!


This is Kat Connolly from Utah, and she included a visit with me in her vacation plans for Texas and Louisiana, for which I’m honored and touched. Kat’s visit was a breath of fresh air and just what I needed to break up the monotony of the days. Her tangible love for God is contagious and served as a contrast to my own stale relationship with Him. What a wonderful reminder to “remember your first love.”

As with most of my dearest cyberfriends, I can’t remember where or when we met–we just seem to have always known each other. I think we met on ChristianWriters.com, a site I miss considerably and recommend highly. If you want to develop some great relationships among like-minded folks with a passion as intense as your own for all things writing-related, that’s the place to go.

Because of the bizarre situation of my life and my own complacency about it, I don’t get to have many girls’ days out, so I gobbled up the few hours Kat and I had together. We shopped historic downtown Nacogdoches, ate at a couple of my favorite restaurants, and just chilled at home and chatted–although I’m certain I did most of the talking. Whether her ears are still attached to her head, I’ll never know. They could’ve been drooping from listen-fatigue, but I couldn’t tell because they were hidden under her hair.

Everyone needs a visit from a special friend, we need the freshness and invigoration that come from getting to hug someone who is so undoubtedly a gift from God to us–a representation of His love.

Thanks, God! Thanks, Kat! I needed this!!!


For those who have been keeping up with me:

The new path report indicates that the margins are clear, which, had this been the first report, would’ve had me ecstatic and dancing the pebbled streets barefooted. All it has done now is confuse me–which one do I believe? It’s great, true, but do I really want to take the good news and just risk that it’s right? Well, yeah, I do, but that’s playing ostrich.

We decided to go for a tie-breaker, and the tissue is being sent to a lab in Dallas. Another week or so of waiting.

The doctor went back on his original statement yesterday. He had said he didn’t figure I’d need radiation, but now because we have conflicting reports, he’s saying I might. I’m waffling on this. I don’t want to–I don’t have time to be sick. So a lot is riding on that third opinion.

I’m healing great from the surgery and am in general good spirits–enhanced now since Kat’s visit–but I’d still appreciate everyone’s prayers.

Peppermint Hugs and Candy Cane Kisses!

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14 Responses to Happiness Comes in a Hug

  1. lynne says:

    Well, Good Morning, you sweet thing. For the record, I much prefer the good report to the other . . . and my heart is going to latch onto that one. Remember, God is good. God loves you. And my favorite . . . drum roll . . . if God be for you, who can be against you? It’s all going to work out for your best, Linda, whatever the future holds. And I, along with all your many friends, will continue to pray.

    Re Kat, now isn’t that precious, that a cyber friend would work you into her vacation schedule? And now that you’ve met, laughed, and hugged, you’re no longer cyber friends. You are full-fledged, in-the-flesh, fond friends! Yay!


  2. joannesher says:

    LOVE meeting my efriends. So very, VERY much! So glad you had the opportunity, dear Linda. Praying we have the same chance some day – and for wisdom for you, the doctors, the folks reading the labs, etc, etc.


  3. KatC says:

    Response to Post(a) – that was Lynda’s POV. Here is mine:

    I met a lady on ChristianWriters.com who made me laugh all the time. I like laughing. Her posts are one of my faves so I just had to meet this lady in person. I fell in love with a wonderful friend. Good news – my ears are still attached. But she forgot the part where I talked a lot, too!

    Response to Post(b) – I will continue praying daily for you! Love you!


  4. Well, how about that? How cool! Tell Kat to give your cat another squeeze for me!


  5. Diane Turner says:

    They’ll keep coming.


  6. patgarcia says:

    It is so nice to know that you had a nice visit. Isn’t it amazing that the LORD knows exactly what we need and the time we need it?
    I am happy for you.


  7. ceciliamariepulliam says:

    You are still in my prayers, Linda. And I am so happy you had such a great visit with Kat. Friends are an invaluable source of joy and support. Bless you both.


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