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Sunday night, Mom called and told me she felt human again for the first time in a couple of weeks. Her news hit my ears like the sweet tones of an angel choir. I breathed a massive sigh of relief that probably caused tornadoes miles away.

Then Monday dawned. I hadn’t even put a dent in the level of coffee in the pot when she called back: “I’m sick.” Of course my nerves resumed their full-alert status, growing tighter than banjo strings, and I prepped to go through another round of taking care of business in two locations. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much I could do to help MSB’s week go smoother. I had to leave him with the laundry and cooking–things I usually take care of before I leave. But he’s a big boy, he can handle it.

By the time I got to Mom’s, her stomach had settled, and she’d stopped throwing up, but after a night of it, she was weak. Best I could do for her was to make some bland food and try to get her to eat it. She did okay, got a little strength back by the end of the day–and she needed it.

Around 10 p.m., we were in one doozy of an electrical storm. Sounded like a war zone around here. After three jarring mini-explosions, the house electricity finally quit trying to come back on. Sirens blared through the night, getting louder as firetrucks zoomed closer to our house. Lightning had struck a power line and snapped it off the pole starting a fire across the street in the neighbor’s back yard. The lightning had also struck the main transformer for our part of Bryan and knocked power off for over half the city. It was a night of sulfur and emergency lights and dazed neighbors wandering around in their pjs trying to get some answers.

And my mother, who can barely walk without her walker took off outside without it.

She leaned against the car in the driveway, bouncing on her toes in all the excitement. Nothing this big has happened since the fighter jets practiced their routine over her house a few years back. (I was here for that too–it was great. Just as they were ending their routine, Mom and I stood out on the driveway and waved at them. One of them tipped their wings at us. Super cool!) Back then, she was strong enough and mobile enough to watch the festivities without causing me to worry. Not true about Monday night. I hovered over her like a mother hen who had false illusions of super-bird strength. If Mama fell, I’d be totally incapable of lifting her up again. Of course, I could always run and get one of those strong, good-lookin’ firemen from across the street. That would’ve made her day. Praise God, though–she didn’t fall and I didn’t have to run for a fireman in my pjs!

Eventually, things settled down again. The lights came on just in time for us to turn them all off and go to bed. We both needed our rest–Tuesdays are always busy at Mama’s. Her maid comes to clean and take her to her hair appointment (but I took her yesterday). Add to that the doctor’s appointment I made because I didn’t know how to stop her dizziness. Since she was already taking Mucinex and Allegra, I had no idea what else to do. Of course, the doctor did. She diagnosed Mom with walking pneumonia and sent her home with a prescription for antibiotics. Problem will be solved in seven days. I hope.

Meanwhile, back home, the men who were supposed to fix our termite-damaged wall three weeks ago finally decided to come out and go to work. Since I was dreading having them around anyway, I’m glad I’m here and MSB is handling it. I’m just sorry he has to handle all my responsibilities as well as his own. I need to call 1-800-clone-me and see if I can make myself an appointment.

As for me, I’m behind on absolutely everything. Since I’ve been home only about six days in the last four weeks, I haven’t done much writing or editing on my clients’ manuscripts. I did manage to complete my Editing II course, although the last homework I turned in was sorry. At least I got it done. Good news is, I’ve lost twenty pounds. The pair of capris I wore to the grocery store yesterday kept wanting to slide down to my knees. When I put them on and tightened the drawstring, I thought they were loose, but I didn’t realize just how loose until I started walking the aisles at the store. Push basket with one hand, hold britches up with the other. Fun.

Anyway, there you go. Life in the candy jar.

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20 Responses to News from Peppermint’s Place

  1. Awwww…peace and strength to you all! Your family is still a part of my prayer life.


  2. Lynne says:

    Prayers for you and Dusty!


  3. Here’s hoping mom’ll be well again soon–and stay that way for a while!!


  4. Sounds like the Fourth of July… only not. Glad you guys are all okay!


  5. joannesher says:

    Praying for strength and answers and health and wisdom and REST. For all of ya 🙂


  6. lynnmosher says:

    Oh, dear! You do need to be cloned, don’t you? Bless you heart. I hope Momma is recovering nicely and you can return home. Praying in agreement with Joanne and the others. Love your peppermints! Yum!


  7. ceciliamariepulliam says:

    Wow, what excitment you’ve had. At least you have some lost pounds to show for it…..Hope Mom is improving and the termite damaged wall is fixed and you get some rest and then some work done. Love reading your posts, Linda!


    • Linda Yezak says:

      Thank you so much, Ceci! She is getting better, and the wall is getting fixed. I’m gonna have a big ol’ mess to come home to, but when I get to go home tomorrow or Saturday, I’m going to embrace it! 🙂


  8. KatC says:

    What always strikes me Linda, is what a fantastic daughter your are! You may be blessed to have a mama like yours, but she is blessed to have a daughter like you! Hats off to you, lady – and happy Mother’s Day to the both of you! ❤


  9. patgarcia says:

    Hi Linda,
    You are in my prayers. I can really relate to you and your mom’s sickness. I live in Germany and when my mother got struck with cancer again, I returned home five times within a 14 months period to take cake of her and I talked to her every single day and sometimes two or three times in the day. So my phone bill was enormous, but I am so happy that I did that. It was her wish to be cared for at home and to die at home and I am able to say that it happened just as she wished. Those were some trying days for me. Everything got behind, but I am so happy that I was able to be with her. The Hospice people were also great who visited her and I knew them well. However, what I enjoyed the most was being with my mother and sharing with her. I always went home for three weeks at a time and I would bathe her and sing to her, and talk with her, and she loved it. I did too.
    So I will be praying that you continue to have the strength you need and show the love that you have to your mother.



    • Linda Yezak says:

      Oh, wow, Patricia, you humble me. Mom is only two and a half hours away from me, and she’ll recover from this little illness that has her under the weather right now. I am so happy for you that you got to spend time with your mother. I know that was special.

      Blessings, sweet friend!


      • patgarcia says:

        Thank you Linda. I spoke at my mother’s funeral. It was a happy occassion because she and I had written the obituary together and wrote the program for her funeral before I left to go back to Germany again. I knew it would be my last time. Hospice and my mother’s best friend had called me aside and told me that my mother had been holding up to see me one more time. She did well and blossomed like a flower for two and a half weeks while I was there and then she started going down. I was happy that my brother was there 24/7. He had quit his job to take care of mom. I talked to her two or three times a day after I left knowing that each day could be her last. We had a ritual, she and I, when we would end our conversations. We never said goodbye instead I would say I love you Mama and she said, I love you too, baby. Those were the last words that I said to her on Monday evening the 11th of November. I remember as if it were yesterday because before she passed the phone to my brother so that I could talk with him, I said to her Mama wait, I love you and she said it again, I love you too baby. Tuesday morning she slept all day. Every time I called she was sleeping and I told my brother not to wake her. Early Wednesday morning at one AM she left to go home to be with her LORD. So, at her funeral, when I spoke I talked about the mother I knew who could make me laugh but also could make me angry, the mother who was helpful but also had problems with people taking advantage of her, the mother who loved to go shopping, no shop in the mall escaped her and the church laughed. As I closed I could see her sitting there smiling at me and I said in closing, I love you Mama, and I believe I heard her say, I love you too, baby.



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