The Good Friday Event

This isn’t His crown anymore. His robe is no longer blood-stained purple, nor is his execution-garb still up for grabs. The cross is as empty as His grave.

Thirty-three years out of the span of history, three days out of thirty-three years. Two thousand years down the line, and this one event still causes controversy.

He called Himself the “Son of God,” a statement which God Himself affirmed.

But if there is no God, as some claim, who is He? A simple son of man? A prophet? A good guy?

No other event in history is as monumental as the death of Christ, because no other death is marked by a resurrection–a victory over the grave. No other religion holds evidence of a dead guy making breakfast for his friends, of a dead guy allowing his wounds to be touched, of a dead guy appearing to thousands.

No other religion has a guy who died because he loved those he was dying for.  In fact, no other religion has a god who claims to love his believers at all.

That fact alone is worthy of awe. But even more worthy of awe is what’s bundled in the package this Guy offers: a soul-cleansing forgiveness, a love and peace beyond understanding, an abundant life that extends beyond the grave.

Two thousand years ago, in the last few hours of His earthly life, in a one-time-saves-all event, a thirty-three year old Man wore that crown, bore the scourge and ridicule, endured the cross, and rose from the dead in three days so that two thousand years later you and I can live in His love and receive the comfort of His promise.

What other event can be more awe inspiring, or more worthy of the awe it inspires?



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6 Responses to The Good Friday Event

  1. joannesher says:



  2. Perfectly said. Christianity is such a rational faith, so filled with historical proof and common sense. Thank you, Jesus!


  3. Thanks for the reminder of all we have to celebrate this time of year! Happy Easter!


  4. Linda Yezak says:

    Happy Easter back to you–and everyone!


  5. His birth and His death changed the world forever, even those who don’t believe still celebrate the holidays associated with Him. They just miss out on the depth of the message, the real joy. No one has changed the world as much, even thousands of years later. Your post is not only timely, but so true. We do indeed have much to celebrate! Happy Easter, Linda.


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