Nasty Little Things

This is a termite:

This is your house on termites:

And this is what I found to let me know we had termites:

I tell ya–I just want to live in the shower. After seeing all those little winged devils en masse like that last week, I spent quite a bit of time with my skin crawling and my head itching. Nothing like bugs to give ya the all-over shudders.

There is good news: Out of a 2500 sq. ft. house, only a 6×10′ segment appears to be damaged. At least as far as the professionals can tell.

According to the exterminator, last year’s hot weather and this year’s warm winter along with the recent rains made conditions prime for the evil little beasties. The bug blasters pulled out their arsenal and battered our house with what I hope will keep it safe from another attack for a long time.

Since neither of us qualify as Bob Villa–or even Tim Allen–we have to hire someone to repair the damage and fix the entire entryway wall so it has a uniform appearance. It isn’t that big of an area and probably won’t take long to repair, but I’ve got to tell you, I dread having strangers in the house while I’m trying to work. I have the sneaky suspicion I’ll be logging in a lot of hours of solitaire until I can concentrate again.

More good news, though: Our home went unscathed by last night’s severe storms. High winds and electrically-charged air didn’t affect either home or lawn, and as far as I can tell in the early dawn, all our trees are still standing.

God is definitely good. But when I get to heaven, I’m going to ask if termites were really necessary . . .

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10 Responses to Nasty Little Things

  1. Anne Baxter says:

    I used to live in Phoenix where termites thrive. The termite companies only guarantee their work for five years, because they apparently couldn’t kill the colonies–the stinkers built their homes underground and just visited the houses for meals. When one house is poisoned, they move to another one within, say, 100 yards. When I had my house treated, I knocked on the doors of all my neighbors’ homes and alerted them.
    I’m glad everyone’s okay after the wind, rain, hail, and tornados.


    • Linda Yezak says:

      Five years is the only guarantee they gave us, too. I was surprised how far termites would tunnel to get into things. I wish there was a way to eradicate ’em entirely!


  2. joannesher says:

    Sending you hugs, dear Linda. Not even a LITTLE fun! Glad you’re safe from last night.


  3. Raani York says:

    Wow. I heard of them – but haven’t even seen one myself, let alone so many of those.
    From what I heard they’re supposed to serve as food for other animals – but should you ever get the real reason why they exist, please let me know.


    • Linda Yezak says:

      They were a hideous surprise. Apparently there are too few of whatever eats them. Maybe we need more moles digging tunnels underground! 🙂


      • Anne Baxter says:

        Anteaters. We need more anteaters. Do armadillos eat ants, too?


        • Linda Yezak says:

          Ha! There ya go–anteaters and armadillos.

          Problem with the armadillos, though, is they dig some serious holes in the yard. I twisted my ankle in one a couple of years ago. Ouchie!


      • Raani York says:

        All right… My first thought was to find out what animals eat termites and then build a breeding station for these kinds of animals and set them loose around your house.

        I started with asking the question online: “What animal eats termites”?

        This is what WikiAnswers said:

        Maybe we should think about something else – I’m not sure you would like to have a few snaek nests around your house – or an ant infestation.

        The only thing that’s appropriate I think is a few ant eaters as pets. They’re funny but stinky…


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