Victory–in spite of everything!

You wouldn’t believe what I’ve been going through since I told you the computer ate the last twenty-five pages of my manuscript. It’s as if something is out to prevent The Cat Lady’s Secret from getting published.

First came a garbled message on our voice mail that someone had requested a change of address on our insurance policy. Now who would do that?!

Somehow, the name of some woman in Houston showed up on our policy and nobody knew how she got there. Apparently, she was the one requesting the change of address, but I’m not sure I understand how that happened or why. The company promised to look into it, but meantime, we found that someone we don’t know was filing an auto-accident claim on the insurance policy of this woman who wanted the address change–and all this mail was coming to our address.

When you’re writing, things like that can be a distraction. It got settled, though I still don’t quite understand what happened. Something to do with a police officer transposing the numbers on someone’s license plate, and we were the lucky winners of confusion from the mess.

Once that was over, something else hit.

I was minding my own business, trying to finish my revisions in decent time, when I noticed what appeared to be a moth flying around. From left to right. Left to right. Left to right. I thought he must’ve been making a wide circle for me not to see him get back to the left from the right. But you know how moths are–erratic flight patterns, right?

Just before MSB went to work, I found the “moth” on the floor, but after seeing the milky white wings attached to the ant-like body, I knew it wasn’t a moth.

A termite! In my house!!!

After MSB left, I went to investigate–sure enough, under one of the windows in the entry way (which is to the left of my chair), I found hundreds of termites. Dead, alive, crawling, taking flight.

I grabbed my roach spray and started squirtin’ those little devils with one hand, while the other dialed the exterminator. When the roach spray wore out, I grabbed the wasp spray. From there, I went to the flea spray I’d bought from the vet when my now-indoor-only cats brought fleas in. Once off the phone, everything that didn’t die with the spray got swatted and stomped. I was a woman at war!

When the exterminator returned my call, she calmly explained that the termites that were coming into the house were just coming in to die. They weren’t going to eat up my furniture or inner rooms. That was the good news. The bad news was that termites die after mating with the queen–which apparently is in our wall.

Yet another incident that’s not conducive to good writing, other than today, when I’m purposely telling the story here. Doesn’t go well with my manuscript though.

So, two days, and a couple thousand dollars lighter (not to include the upcoming construction bill for a damaged wall), the termites are under control, but I have a killer sore throat, a shot of dizziness due to what must be an inner ear infection, and a persistently dripping nose.

Did I let all this stop me from finishing my revisions? No, not me–Wonder Woman! Typical of Linda W. Yezak, I was up at two, finishing the last fifty pages. By seven, the manuscript was sitting in my agent’s in-box, revised, corrected, reformatted, and ready to rumble.

Let’s just hope all of this was worth it.

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Author/Freelance Editor/Speaker (writing and editing topics).
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12 Responses to Victory–in spite of everything!

  1. Thanks for sharing your day with us. Makes us feel a bit more normal when we’re hit with cyber termites ourselves. Best wishes!


  2. lynnmosher says:

    Holy moly! Covering you with a huge blanket of prayer! I hate termites. They give me the creeps! Next time you want to spray something flying around and you don’t have any bug spray, grab your spray cleaner. You can also use hairspray but you have to be careful where you spray it! Now it sounds like you have an allergy or reaction to all those chemicals. Praying that the rain of terror is now over!


  3. Termites – yikes! But at least you caught them relatively early. That would be enough to distract me too.


  4. joannesher says:

    I am so very, VERY impressed that you still got your stuff done with all THAT. REST, girlie! NOW.


  5. Gay Ingram says:

    can’t believe you went on to get work done – I’m impressed. Take the day off to rest your immune system that is trying to sort out all those chemicals you inhaled with all that spraying


  6. Lynne says:

    Have mercy, woman. No wonder you’re sick today. The stress alone could put a body in bed for days. Dr. Lynne says you need to take a couple of days off, and do something you enjoy (after the sickness passes.) P.S. I know you enjoy writing, but that’s not what I’m talking about. 🙂


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