Full Cast Curtain Call

The Circle-Bar Ranch in Give the Lady a Ride is populated by a variety of folks–like Chef (Jorge) and Consuela. These two have been married forever in spite of their sometimes fiery tempers. Consuela is loyal and highly protective of her family, which includes Talon and Chance (as Talon said, she was their “after-school snack” mama). I caught her in the kitchen recently, making the sauce for pollo mole, and asked if she’d accepted Patricia and Marie into her family. She gave me a nod, then waved her wooden spoon at me and furrowed her brow. “As long as they don’t hurt my boys, I’ll love ’em like my own.”

Heaven help Patricia and Marie if they ever cross the woman.

Frank doesn’t figure Consuela has anything to worry about. “First time I saw how them boys looked at the girls, I knew which way the hay was blowin’.” Frank’s sly eyes sparkle a bit. “Talon just needed a little push. I reckon Miss Pat did too. Nothin’ like devisin’ a plan to shove those two together.”

Was that the real reason you came up with “The Plan”?

Frank just winks at me.

Well, whatever you had in mind, it worked, didn’t it?

“Was there ever any doubt?”

Katie got herself a new Quarter Horse and is burning the lanes around the barrels again. She gave Patricia a shock when she wrapped herself around Talon like Christmas gift paper. In case you didn’t know, Patricia has a bit of a jealous bone. Things between her and Talon were just short of unraveling when Katie came upon the scene. Soon enough, though, Patricia learned Katie wasn’t the threat.

I asked Katie what she thought of Talon and Chance getting married to Patricia and Marie.

“I’m excited for them. If anyone deserves to be happy, it’s those two.”

You’re not upset that a couple of eligible bachelors have been taken off the market?
“They never were ‘eligible bachelors’ to me. More like brothers.” She shudders a little. “Even thinking of them that way–ew!

Like I said, Patricia didn’t have anything to worry about from Katie. Janet, however, is a different matter–one I’m not going into here.

Well, this is the end of the trail for the HORSIN’ AROUND GIVEAWAY! Wednesday’s post took a serious turn, so nobody caught the reference. That’s fine. I’ll make my drawing from the comments, same as today. Leave a comment, and I’ll enter you in the drawing!

This week’s winners will be announced SUNDAY, MARCH 11–the formal anniversary of Give the Lady a Ride debut (it came out on Amazon sooner). This was a fun 29 days! I hope everyone who hasn’t read the book got to know the characters, and those who have, I hope you enjoyed discovering how things turned out.

Thanks for playing, everyone!

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8 Responses to Full Cast Curtain Call

  1. joannesher says:

    Now I wanna stop EVERYTHING I need to do and go read! 🙂 Can’t wait to meet some of these characters – and get to know others even better.


  2. Another fun one! You wouldn’t want to let me borrow Consuela for a couple means, now would you?


  3. Angie Adair says:

    It has been fun getting to know All of the characters!


  4. Teresa Snyder says:

    I’ve really enjoyed all of the interviews. It’s fun to see how everyone ended up.


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