Interview with Marie Lambeau Davis

In the cast of Give the Lady a Ride, Marie Lambeau is Patricia Talbert’s best friend, the only friend she trusts. Marie made the trip from Manhattan to Texas with Patricia and almost immediately fell head over heels with Talon’s best friend, Chance Davis–who joined her in the fall. Best let her tell you about it:

Q: Chance had quite a dramatic reaction when he first laid eyes on you.

A: Yeah, blushed blood red. He was so cute!

Q: And you felt the same way?

A: Oh, yes.

Q: So, is it safe to say you believe in love at first sight?

A: For us, yes. And I’ve heard some wonderful stories about people who knew who their God-chosen mate was at just a glimpse of them. Patty may be skeptical, but I’m a believer.

Q: Thanks to Chance, that’s not all you believe in now. Did he lead you to Christ during your many dates?

A: You say that like it’s the only thing we talked about. We hardly talked about it at all, but I watched him. He is so different from anyone I know. He’s genuinely interested in people and everyone is drawn to him like a magnet. He’s always quick to help, quick to praise and encourage. Selfless, you know? One night, I commented about it, about how he was so different from the people I knew back home, and he told me right then and there why he’s different, then led me to the One who could make me different, too. We talked long into the night, and the next Sunday, I went up to accept Jesus as my savior. Everyone knows about that part. It’s in the book.

Q: There’s a lot about you we don’t know. From what I understand, quite a bit of your POV was cut. Bet that was a disappointment.

A: Well, the claim was that I “outshined” Pattie, and it is her story. Look, I’m a diamond–I do tend to shine. But don’t underestimate an opal like Patricia. She has a fire of her own and far more depth to explore.

Q: Among the things we don’t know about is how Chance proposed. When did that happen?

A: Just before Patty and I flew back to New York in September. I think he wanted to be sure I’d come back. We went for an early morning ride–

Q: You got up early? You?

A: Yeah, yeah. I’ve made a lot of changes since coming out here. Anyway, we were riding and stopped on the crest of  the butte. The sun was just rising, and everything took on a golden hue. I remember the dove cooing at each other and some squirrels barking a little. While I was sitting on my Quarter Horse taking it all in, he’d pulled a tiny box from his pocket, and asked if I’d like to “get hitched.”

Q: And you said yes.

A: I asked what “get hitched” meant.

Q: You’re kidding! You are such a city girl!

A: Yeah, so what’s your point?

Q: But you did eventually say yes. Can we see the ring?

Q: Just beautiful! I’ve heard your wedding was stunning too, even though you went all-out western.

A: It was. Someday, I’ll share the pics with you.

Q: And when is the baby due?

A: We got married in November and apparently got right down to business–in spite of precautions otherwise. Baby Davis is due in August!

Q: Congrats! Maybe we can catch up with you again then!


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14 Responses to Interview with Marie Lambeau Davis

  1. joannesher says:

    So VERY glad this book is on the way 🙂 Talon Carlson 🙂


  2. Tamara Frost says:

    I love how you are interviewing your characters, which gives readers more information without being just a series of spoilers/epilogues. I’ll have to look into that. 🙂 P.S. It took me, like, five reads to figure out the name needed is Talon Carlson. 🙂


    • Linda Yezak says:

      Thanks, Tamara. I’ve tried to be careful not to put in any spoilers. Those who’ve read the book will know exactly what I’m talking about, but maybe the book will be intriguing to those who haven’t read it.


  3. I adore Marie. She remains one of my favorite characters ever.


  4. Linda Yezak says:

    Good luck, everyone!


  5. Teresa Snyder says:

    The answer is Talon Carlson.

    Love the interviews!


  6. I love how you bring the Gospel in in a way that is not heavy-handed. I’m not picking a name because I won last week. I figure someone else should have an opportunity. Thanks for a fun context.


  7. Don’t know who sounds more charming, Talon Carlson or Chance Davis?


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