It’s Up!

One of this week’s two off-site, contest-eligible posts is up and running now at Elk Jerky for the Soul (I’m sure they didn’t mean to misspell my name in the post’s title. We’ll just overlook that! 😀 ).

This is one of my few devotional posts. Here’s a preview:

God uses his creation for his purpose–which is usually to get our attention. This truth is why we should pay attention to the changing weather patterns, the increase in earthquakes, fires, and hurricanes, the beaching of whales and dolphins, and the host of other oddities, caused by both nature and governments, that seem to be galloping toward us . . .

Feel free to leave a comment on Elk Jerky–and if you’re entering the HORSIN’ AROUND GIVEAWAY, make sure you have the right response in your comment! (If you’re new to the contest, click “HERE” for the game rules).

Tomorrow, I’m a guest at K.M. Weiland’s WordPlay. I’ll post the link as soon as it’s up, so keep an eye out!

Shameless Plug Alert!

JUST A NOTE: No purchase is necessary to enter the contest, but hey, just in case you want to, let me give you the Amazon link . . . Give the Lady a RideHere’s what some of the reviewers are saying about it:

“If Jane Austen had lived in Texas during this century, she may have written this book herself.”

“Lively and fun, Give the Lady a Ride is a delightful romance with a kick.”

“I was caught up in the story immediately and didn’t want to put it down until I was finished.”

“If you like to read at the coffee shop be prepared to burst out laughing in front of strangers.”


So far, Ride has 22 five-star reviews out of a total 32 reviews. Color me happy! ~~~ Color me happier if my sales go up!!!

End of Shameless Plug


Good luck, everyone!

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