Interview with Chance Davis

Chance Davis is one of the co-stars of Give the Lady a Ride–bull rider, second-in-command at the ranch, and Talon’s best friend. Since Jake and Loretta McAllister took him in after his parents died, the two boys went through their teens as brothers.

Chance is fair haired and fair skinned, and blushes like “a happy toddler” most of the time, so every time I ask him about Patricia’s friend, Marie Lambeau, he flushes scarlet from his neck to his ears–like he’s doing now:

Q: I shouldn’t be calling her Marie Lambeau anymore, should I?

A: No ma’am. She’s Marie Davis now, and fixin’ to have  baby Davis before long.

Q: You had quite a show-stopping reaction when you first met her.

A: Well, yeah! I mean, have you seen her? Prettier’n a Paso Fino in Spring! God never created anything more beautiful.

Q: Was it love at first sight?

A: I didn’t know then, but I knew I wanted a chance to find out. No doubt I was attracted to her–who wouldn’t be? But if inside beauty doesn’t match the outside beauty, I’d just as soon tip my hat and move on.

Q: Apparently the “inside beauty” matched?

A: Oh, yes ma’am!

Q: Talon said you preferred Christian women when you were dating. Was Marie a Christian?

A: No, but I reckon that’s one of the reasons God brought her to Texas. It was time for her to find Him.

Q: And you led her to Him.

A: No ma’am. I just introduced her. He called, she answered.

Q: When you thought y’all were going to lose the ranch, you told Talon you were considering joining the professional circuit. Said you’d “rather ride a bull than brand one.”

A: No, I actually said was that I’d rather ride a bull than castrate one, but my words got edited. I guess it’s true either way, though.

Q: “Brand” doesn’t sound quite as . . . offensive, I guess, as “castrate.” Some folks aren’t comfortable with ranch work, and an author has to be careful what she puts out there. So, are you still wanting on the circuit?

A: I tell ya, I’m torn about it. I want to, but it involves a lot of travel.

Q: Marie doesn’t want you to go?

A: No, I don’t want me to go. I wouldn’t miss Baby Davis’s birth for anything in the world. Can you imagine? A little boy with Marie’s brain and my brawn?

Q: What if it’s a little girl?

A: Then I reckon we oughta leave my brawn out of the equation.

Q: So, what are the plans?

A: Maybe I’ll join the circuit someday, see how I measure up, but for now, I don’t want to venture too far from home. I’ve got a family now. No bull ride on earth can top that for adventure.


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10 Responses to Interview with Chance Davis

  1. Elaine Turner says:

    I never would have originally put Marie Lambeau and Chance together but it seems to be a match! Paso Fino and Draft horse but it still works!


  2. Linda Yezak says:

    They do seem to be an odd couple, don’t they? But I like ’em!


  3. joannesher says:

    Sooo enjoying these posts, Linda! Change Davis and Marie Lambeau seem like a fun couple. Hope we get to meet HER a bit more later 🙂


  4. Teresa Snyder says:

    I enjoyed Chance and Marie. Looking forward to the next interview.


  5. I wonder what Marie Lambeau looks like – prettier than a Paso Fino in Spring, and the combination with Chance Davis should be interesting – girl or boy.


  6. Heck, I want to be Marie Lambeau! Can I? Awe, come on, please, please!


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