Interview with Talon Carlson

Foreman of the Circle Bar Ranch, and one of the stars of Give the Lady a Ride, Talon Carlson got a surprise last year around this time. He discovered his new boss was a woman–and not just any woman: a five-foot two ball of spunk from New York.

Q: What did you think when you met Patricia Talbert?

A: Mostly I thought she was in the wrong place. She steps out of a Mercedes dressed fit to kill, and I’d been working cattle all morning. I was a candidate for Dial soap, and she was ready for the cover of Vogue.

Q: I’m surprised you even know what Vogue is.

A: Hey, after hanging out with Pat and Marie for a year, I’ve been getting an education. They’ve been teaching this ol’ draft horse about fu-fu stuff–or trying to. I pick up things here and there.

Q: You’ve been teaching them a lot, too. Has Pat been learning about ranch work?

A: We’re mighty proud of her around here. She hasn’t stuck up her nose at any of the work, taking to it just like her aunt Loretta.

Q: But she said she hasn’t ridden a bull again since last year. You said you wouldn’t ride again, either. Have you?

A: No. Not yet, anyway.

Q: Do you miss it?

A: That’s a hard one to answer. After my injury last year, I didn’t have a choice, and I was fine with it. Season’s rolling around again now, though, and Chance is getting itchy to ride. I have to admit feeling the itch too.

Q: But your first love is ranching.

A: No, that’s not quite right. After God, my first love is Pat.

Q: Awww! Do you still write poetry for her?

A: Oh, whenever the mood strikes. Which seems to be two or three times a week.

Q: You were the biggest surprise on the Circle Bar–poet, singer, preacher, bull rider, all above your abilities as a ranch foreman.

A: Yeah, well, I wasn’t on the ranch all my life. Before they died, Mom and Dad taught me to sing. We sang together quite a bit. I took up writing lyrics on my own, and that moved into poetry. I have Jake and Loretta McAllister to thank for my interest in preaching.

Q: Are you still upset with Jake for willing the ranch to a woman?

A: Naw. I wish he’d told me about her, but it makes sense he’d want it to go to family. Actually, I think he was playing Cupid. I’d be willing to bet he knew I’d fall for Pat. He’s probably sitting with the Father pleased as punch the plan worked!

Q: Speaking of “the plan,” did Frank really mean for you to trick Pat into staying by making her fall in love with you so you guys could stay on the ranch?

A: Well, now, if you want to know the answer to that, you’re gonna have to ask him. My lips are sealed.

Q: He can be pretty tight-lipped, too. We may never know.


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17 Responses to Interview with Talon Carlson

  1. joannesher says:

    He DOES sound like Chance Davis – and CERTAINLY someone I’d like to meet (REALLY need to pick up your book, Linda!). Great interview.


  2. These are super fun, Linda. I might just have to RE-READ your book!


  3. Hah! I *love* these interviews. I wrote a couple of character interviews for a guest post once, and it was tough to capture the characters’ voices in the chatty venue of an interview. But Pat and Talon come through loud and clear, just like they sound in the book. Good stuff. Keep it coming!


  4. Patricia Talbert seems to be in charge, though she might be taken for a ride too.


  5. Angie Adair says:

    Awee, Chance is such a sweetheart..nice smile too!


  6. Teresa Snyder says:

    Chance is the answer.

    LOVE the interviews!


  7. Talon refers to himself as the ‘ol draft horse,’ so my answer is Chance Davis. How fun is this!? Keep ’em coming.


  8. Linda Yezak says:

    Teresa and Sherry–way to play, you two! Good luck in the drawing!

    There are three more posts this week, so keep an eye out!


  9. Linda St Myers says:

    He stole my heart when he started talking about God….
    My answer is Chance Davis….the ol draft horse’
    This is great!!!!


  10. Chance Davis is the answer, love the character interview. Very clever.


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