Horsin’ Around — Giveaway!

On the ACFW loop recently, a dog trainer mentioned that she determined her characters’ personalities by deciding what breed they’d be if they were dogs.  I loved the idea. I don’t know that much about dog breeds–but I do know a little about horse breeds. I spent some time searching through cyberspace for pictures of horses I thought represented the primary cast of Give the Lady a Ride. I came up with some goodies! Believe it or not, the whole rigamarole led me to an idea of how celebrate my birthday and Give the Lady a Ride’s first anniversary in March. I’ve got a wicked plan–and it all starts today, since it’s my birthday.

Twenty-Nine Day Promotional Giveaway!

Yep, that’s right. My giveaway is corralled among the horses, so for you to play, you need to see what I found for my characters:

Patricia Talbert, the Friesian horse--classy and showy, but able to do the job.

Talon Carlson, the Quarter Horse--intelligent, reliable, hardworking.

Marie Lambeau, the Paso Fino--beautiful, sexy, sassy.

Chance Davis, the draft horse--willing to work, but would rather play.

I loved these shots! They personified my characters perfectly, don’t you think?

So what do these have to do with my birthday and the book’s anniversary? I’m holding a giveaway from now until March 11, Ride’s debut datewith prize announcements every Saturday (hence this Saturday post). I’ll be giving away so many gift certificates, I can’t even count ’em right now–primarily because I haven’t finished setting it up. As I’ve been saying in one way or another this week, all my plans to have this set up ahead of time have bit the dust for one reason or another, so, yeah, I’m scrambling.

Here are the rules:

Whether here or on other blogs where I am a guest (which I’ll announce here), I’m going to slip in a reference to one of these horses. The prizes will be awarded from a drawing of those who leave a comment including the name of the character the horse represents. For example: If I mention “working like a draft horse” in a post about editing, the eligible comment will include “Chance Davis.”

Prizes will include gift certificates to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Bath and Body Works, and Olive Garden Restaurant, and will be announced every Saturday, with the first announcement on February 18th, and the final announcement on Sunday, March 11. Winners will be able to choose prize which they’d like.

Each post I write will include a link back to this one so everyone will have access to the rules. What do you say–do want to play?

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49 Responses to Horsin’ Around — Giveaway!

  1. Rick estep says:

    Id love to play, whats the first blog?


  2. I’d like to play too.


  3. Linda Yezak says:

    Glad you asked, Rick! The first and second posts will be here, Monday and Wednesday. Thursday, I’ll be on Heidi Glick’s *Queen City Quill*. I’ll make announcements of where I’ll be as each post approaches, so stay tuned!

    Rick, Cindy–Good luck to you both!


  4. joannesher says:

    Oh, Linda – this is WAY too clever and fun! I’ll definitely be playing!


  5. This is a different type of contest. Interesting. And you named them all in your first post! Or does this not count?


  6. Kim Justice says:

    Oh My Goodness…. I love It!!! An amazing way to celebrate two awesome dates….. Can’t wait to read your next posts and sign up…. Thanks for a great chance to learn more about you and your book.. as well as your characters… neat comparing them to horses..


  7. sheilaodomhollinghead says:

    What a fun idea!


  8. Anne Baxter says:

    I would also love to have you guest on my blog, if you’re not so booked you’re overwhelmed… (A Pew Perspective, pewperspective.blogspot.com)
    Love the Friesans–sooo classy.


  9. Margie Mijares says:

    This sounds like so much fun!!!! I love Give The Lady A Ride and my GTLAR book mark is the one I use in all my books even though it has gotten tattered and torn by my grandkids….YeeHaw!!!!


  10. Pegg Thomas says:

    I’ll play! I think all your commenters should have to tell you what breed of horse THEY would be too. That would be fun! I’ll even go first. I’m definitely a Halflinger. Short and stocky, plain looking but dependable with a sweet disposition. 🙂


  11. Elaine Turner says:

    I’ll play! Just like Chance – I’d rather play than work!


  12. Very fun! You’re not getting older, you’re getting more clever. Happy birthday!


  13. This is such a fabulous idea! I love it! 🙂 And the pix are perfect. Friesians are some of my favorite horses. And Marie is absolutely a Paso Fino.


  14. Pauline says:

    love it!


  15. Sylvia says:

    Cute idea! I’d love to play.


  16. Walk says:

    I can’t decide if I’m a draft horse or a Paso Fino……….this will be fun.

    Once again, Happy Birthday.


  17. Angie Adair says:

    Oh I definitely want to play…sounds like fun!!!! Happy Birthday!!!


  18. Sounds like fun!! i’m game!! Thanks for having this!!


  19. Love the horse photos, even if I am more of a cat person myself.


  20. This sounds like great fun!


  21. Linda, what a great, fun idea!! Fabulous.
    Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary of your book! I loved reading it!


  22. javasuz says:

    I love WORD games! Let’s play!


  23. javasuz says:

    Oh!! And Happy Birthday Linda!


  24. Awesome, Linda. Count me in.


  25. Linda St Myers says:

    Such a great idea and I am in….I love horses and the pictures
    were awesome….
    Happy Birthday Linda…


  26. Marie Lambeau is the Paso Fino. It was nice to hear from Chance.


  27. Funny Cats says:

    Hi! I’ve been reading your website for some time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Austin Tx! Just wanted to mention keep up the excellent work!


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