Mom, Cancer, and the Attack of the Implants

It’s 4:30–the time my head starts telling me to get up and write my blog post. Frankly, after the past couple of days, I still don’t have much to write about. For those who know and are interested, Mom came out of the surgery just fine.

Several years ago, she had breast cancer and opted for a double-mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. Well, last year, she developed an infection around the right implant, and since it was one of what turned out to be five things wrong with her, her symptoms kept getting misdiagnosed. Finally the infection caused an abscess, which focused attention on the implant and the necessity of getting that darned thing out of there. Recovery was slow and miserable. The wound itself took several months to heal.

Then, in November 2011, her left side began giving her trouble, and she was afraid she’d be going through last year’s mess all over again. She certainly didn’t want to wreck the holidays with another surgery, but didn’t want another abscess, either. We hit it with a double round of Leviquin, a high-powered antibiotic, to get her safely into the new year and to yesterday’s appointment with the surgeon.

Praise God!!!–no infection and no problem! The surgeon slipped the implant out, checked for infection, and sewed up her tiny incision. The entire surgery took under an hour, and I brought Mom home soon after. The doctor did take a culture to send off and check for cancer, but we’re believing her to be cancer-free, just as her oncologist declared a couple of years ago.

So, I’m happy to say she’s doing great. I’ll be with her a bit longer, but it’ll be fun this time and not as filled with worry. Mom’s not just a cancer-survivor, she’s an implant-survivor!

Maybe Monday I’ll have a good, mind-challenging, informative post for you, but today, just celebrate with us, okay?


Peppermint Hugs and Candy Cane Kisses!

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10 Responses to Mom, Cancer, and the Attack of the Implants

  1. joannesher says:

    Praising God with you, my friend. Your brain has my permission to NOT think about writing for another day or so. K? 😉


  2. Wonderful news! Praying you and your mother stay encouraged.


  3. So good to hear all is well! I hope you took the rest of the day off to celebrate! Hard to feel creative when you are worried. Blessings to you and your mom!


  4. Lynn Mosher says:

    Yikes! I missed this! I am s-o-o-o happy I read this and that your mom is doing this well! Praising the Lord and still praying!


    • Linda Yezak says:

      Thanks, Lynn. Yep–Mom is doing okay. I’ll be glad when I can say all her little ailments are over, but we’re still working on getting her itch to stop. At least one of the doctors gave her something to call it: eczema. It’s driving her nuts!


  5. Annie says:

    I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, am on medical leave and going through the reconstructive process. This was a great post to read of a fellow pink ribbon club survivor. Thanks for sharing it.


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