Author Manicure on the Chalkboard of Writing, by Lisa Lickel

1. Professionalism is a clean bathrobe with all the buttons intact and floppy socks without holes. Getting your hair brushed before noon is good too.
2. Repeat: Patience is a virtue. Rinse. Lather. Repeat.
3. Take neither rejection nor flattery personally. Take a Nestles Symphony Bar instead. With your personal choice of antioxidantal beverage.
4. Write something every day. No Authors Block Allowed. When the words stop flowing, poke your fingertips and write in blood.
5. Learn something new every day. Like how many nickels to save each day until the next writers conference, and who’s hosting the chocolate party.
6. The best character development analyses are at WalMart in the winter and the grassy knoll to the left of the children’s playground at a park twenty-five miles away from your house in the summer.
7. Networking means playing Farmville and Pirates of the Mediterranean with at least twenty different personas you create, and as many other multiple players you can gather, all planting crops and chopping off their heads together. You, too, can reach that pesky 5000 fan limit on Facebook in no time.
8. Grab all the free books you can on your eReader. It counts as “sales” but you have the satisfaction of not contributing to anyone else’s royalty check.
9. Tag everyone’s books on Amazon with your name.
10. Yes, that lunch and mileage too, Toto, get reported in Column G under “Entertainment and business expenses” on your business spread sheet for filing Schedule C.
Bonus: One itty bitty lorazepam and a peanut buster parfait makes your pitch to the scary publisher so much easier.
Lisa Lickel is a Wisconsin writer who lives with her husband in a hundred and sixty-year-old house built by a Great Lakes ship captain. Surrounded by books and dragons, she writes inspiring fiction. Her novels include mystery and romance, all with a twist of grace. She has penned dozens of feature newspaper stories, short stories, magazine articles and radio theater. She is the editor in chief of Creative Wisconsin Magazine and of OtherSheep, a Christian spec fiction/nonfiction magazine. She loves to encourage new authors. Find her and all her connections, books, and resources at
Now available: Meander Scar, A Summer in Oakville (with Shellie Neumeier), Lavender Dreams andcoming in April 2012, The Map Quilt.

About Linda W. Yezak

Author/Freelance Editor/Speaker (writing and editing topics).
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3 Responses to Author Manicure on the Chalkboard of Writing, by Lisa Lickel

  1. Linda Yezak says:

    Lisa, thank for filling in for me. I tried to put the paragraph spaces in this post, and it downright refuses. Grrr!


  2. I’ll second the liberal dose of chocolate – even when we aren’t faced with rejection!


  3. Lisa Lickel says:

    Thanks, Linda and Kay – sorry I couldn’t come by sooner – my fil passed away and we’ve been doing funeral biz and had a good time catching up with family. I’ve found pasting from word using the word window helps a lot over at Reflections, Linda.


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