Ah, November

This is it, the most bipolar month of the year for Mother Nature’s Texas Chapter temperature-wise. True, we have signs of fall. Trees display dying foliage in eye-catching color; school is in full swing, and kids are counting down to the Thanksgiving holiday; red-nosed cheerleaders high-kick and shout from the sidelines under Friday night lights; pumpkins glow orange in grocery stores as the harbingers of seasonal products.

But the temperatures can range from 30 to 78 in a single week. Often in a single day. Talk about having to dress in layers!

A Canadian friend wrote that she and her husband wore their summer clothes to Texas this past February. “It just doesn’t get cold there.”

True. Not like it does up north, although last winter competed nicely with northern temps. Still, as they snicker at us for having a blazing inferno in our fireplaces when the thermometer drops below 45, I can’t help but to giggle when they swelter in a heat wave of 80.

This is MSB’s favorite time of year. He began daydreaming about November way back in August. As far as he’s concerned, the reason God invented August was to give him time to get the firewood ready for November. (Well, that’s not the entire reason, but those opposed to hunting sports won’t care to hear the rest.) This is the month he takes his “big” vacation–two solid weeks where work has to get along without him. They can’t even call because we’re usually hidden in a cell-free range. As the months tick by from August to October, his excitement becomes palpable. By November first, his sleeping habits change. Like a kid up before daybreak on Christmas, he wakes earlier and earlier every day. His first stop is the window to see what new charm November has to offer. The week before his vacation, his excitement is impossible to contain.

From now until the first few days of December, we’re as likely to be gone as home. We’re taking our tour of Texas–the Coastal Plains, the Brazos Valley, the Hill Country. I think I played it smart this year. My two critique partners have granted me extensions on the work I’m doing for them, my client is happy to accept whatever I can do in the limited time I have left, The Cat Lady’s Secret is finished and out of my hands, and my friends at Grace and Faith Cross-Promotions are covering for me on my blog. I’ll be able to enjoy our vacation guilt-free and not think twice about work. Ah, bliss!

I have a great line-up of guests for the next several post days, which I’ll announce Monday. I hope everyone enjoys my absence as much as I’m going to!

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11 Responses to Ah, November

  1. Nikole Hahn says:

    It sounds wonderful. I wouldn’t mind hearing about the hunting part. ROFL.


  2. Lynne Wells Walding says:

    I moved from Illinois to South Texas on my 17th birthday, which was (and still is :-)) in February. From frigid to balmy overnight. Ah, went swimming in one of my new friend’s pool February through April before anyone joined me. They all sat around the pool and looked at me like I was crazy.

    Have fun!


  3. Lynne says:

    How could I forget. I got a sunburn.We had a grapefruit tree in our front yard and I thought that was the coolest thing ever. Ate so many grapefruit I broke out in a rash.Also gave myself a perm and left it up too long. I frizzed up like a dandelion head. Oh, I was a beaut that summer! 😦


    • Linda Yezak says:

      Oh, my goodness! You poor thing!!! I know what East Texas humidity can do to a home perm. Mom always insisted on giving me a home perm and I went through most of my school years looking like Ronald McDonald. :p


  4. Lynne says:

    You’re a lot prettier than Ronald!


  5. Have a wonderful time! I understand your description of your husband’s vacation excitement. Mine does the same thing every year, for the same reasons. I love being out in our RV anytime, but Fall more so. I would love to see some pitures and hear your stories. I am sure their will be plenty of both!


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