Have you been keeping up with all my woes lately? If so, thanks. I appreciate all the sympathy and commiseration, but, after half a day of slaying dragons, I think I’m done complaining. Reaching this point, however, wasn’t pretty~~~

Yesterday, the computer monster ate all my edits on my critter’s manuscript. That was the second time hours of work were swallowed by this beast. The first time was hard enough, but fortunately, I’d saved the bulk of my edits on my old computer and was able to send the manuscript back with all but the last three chapters finished. Katie’s is different, I’m just beginning hers. Although I’d done some of it on the old computer, the bulk of the work was on this one.

Losing it meant war.

I saved my proposal for The Cat Lady’s Secret (thank heavens it hadn’t been eaten!), shut everything down, then went to my earliest restore point and started over. The restore point reinstalled Microsoft Word 2010, but I still didn’t want to use it unless I had no choice, so I took another stab at downloading OpenOffice. It worked! Norton 360 decided to let it download. Yea! I still have MsWord, but I’m tickled pink to have OpenOffice–I’m used to it and reasonably comfortable with it.

Next, I uninstalled WordPerfect–again–shut the computer down, reinstalled it, shut the computer down, held my breath and tried it again. It’s working. Maybe this time I won’t have any more trouble with it, and it will keep with its thirty-year tradition of behaving, but if not, I’ll switch to MSWord and never look back.

Finally, I decided to dump the Internet Explorer which I hate, and everyone I know hates, but I kept just because I was having trouble getting Mozilla to work, and take the plunge with Google Chrome. Glory! I’ve been set free from pokiness! I can go back to WiseStamp and revamp my email signature!

The only raindrop on my parade yesterday was my doctor appointment in which I learned my “bad” cholesterol is too high. I warned the doc that he’d have to give me a pill–either one for high cholesterol or one for self-discipline–because sticking me on a diet won’t work.

He stuck me on a diet anyway.


Oh well, who cares? My computer works!

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10 Responses to Finally!

  1. Lynn Mosher says:

    Yay! So glad it’s starting to work! Computer problems are so aggravating!


  2. As Doctor Franklin told the crew of Babylon 5 “It’s not a diet; it’s an eating plan.” Yeah, right.

    Yippee on the computer success!


  3. Lisa Grace says:

    Sprinkle cinnamon on your breakfast. A tsp. a day can lower your bad cholesterol by at least five points.


  4. Yay! So glad you finally got the major bugs ironed out. Fighting with technology is never fun.


  5. Ah, nothing like finally getting a computer to work right! They can be a major headache when they get cranky. Glad your’s has finally settled down. I am now having trouble with Google Chrome. It worked great for about a year, and now I am getting nothng but grief. Now I am back to IE. Sigh, none seem to be bug proof. Good luck to you!


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