New Computer Blues

This is #2 in my ongoing saga of computer woes, but this one isn’t as bad. I’m getting there–getting used to some of the changes, ignoring others. After fighting the losing battle to get Adobe Flash Player loaded for Mozilla Firefox by uninstalling everything that might remotely block it from downloading, I came up with a solution. I went through the “restore” process.

Since I hadn’t–and still haven’t–installed any new programs on this computer but WordPerfect and Norton 360 (which is already paid for and good for over 200 days), and since I hadn’t transfered any pics or documents, going through the restore process wasn’t too bad. It reinstalled everything I took off, which is fine, I guess, but I still couldn’t get Flash Player to install. My only solution was to give up on Mozilla, so I uninstalled it. Just gave up on Mozilla and decided to give Internet Explorer another try. So far, so good. It has only stopped working once. But the Flash Player is working.

Next great idea was the “Easy Transfer,” which, of course, wasn’t easy. It would’ve been, I guess, if I were transfering stuff from one 2011 computer to another 2011 computer. Even though I found the same program on my old computer, the new computer sniffed and said, “Nope. The other program is far too old and decrepit for me to communicate with.”

The snob.

I may still see if there’s a newer, downloadable version for the old computer, but at that point, I was long past aggravated, thanks to the Flash Player episode, so I gave up and decided to transfer just what I needed from one computer to the other using a disc.

That’s when I got a dirty little surprise. WordPerfect wouldn’t open. According to my computer, it was still installed, but I couldn’t access it. I thought Microsoft Office was blocking it, and since I never use that anyway, I uninstalled it. WP still wouldn’t play with me. I ran it through it’s “fix-it” program, restarted, and tried again. Nada.

For an author/editor, not having a word processor is like owning a car with no engine. Yeah, I can still write, but in today’s industry, that’s not enough. I have to be able to cyber-drive my work to where it needs to go, and without having it on my computer, it wasn’t going anywhere. So you can see my dilemma.

Although I had both Open Office and Norton 360 on my old computer, Norton has decided it doesn’t trust the program anymore and won’t let me download it to my new computer. No option of “install anyway,” just, “Nuh-uh. No way, no how.” And I’d already dumped Microsoft Word and would have to go through restore again to get it back, so I was a tad frustrated–again. Some of you may have seen my Facebook status about dumping both computers in the pond and finding employment at Burger King.

I shut everything down and gave up.

Then, with the brilliance that comes from a good night’s sleep and a half a pot of coffee, I uninstalled and reinstalled WordPerfect. Guess what?! That worked! I’m back in business.

The guy at the store said they could do all this for me for $100 extra–download what I need, transfer my files, clean out useless files, the works. Next time, I’m going to take him up on it.

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12 Responses to New Computer Blues

  1. Nora says:


    I know nothing of Firefox, some on IE, and little of WP or anything else. But, you have my deepest sympathies. I wish you bravery and good luck. I did wonder though if your anti-virus might be messing you up on the installs. Just a thought and probably wrong at that.

    God bless,


    • Linda Yezak says:

      Nora–you may be right. I’ll try turning off the anti-virus if I find I need Open Office again. The new WP is supposed to be compatible with Microsoft Word, so I may not need it.


  2. But Linda–next time you’ll know what to do–you techno guru! Congrats.


  3. joannesher says:

    Ohhh crazy. Sooo glad it’s over (God willing!). I LOVE firefox. Hope you can have it back – but not at this “cost.”


  4. Yikes! Sounds like you’re having a rough time. My last computer switch went pretty well. I’m not all that computer savvy when it comes to hardware/software technicalities, so I suppose I was lucky. Hope you get everything figured out soon!


  5. Nikole Hahn says:

    Personally, I use Open Office. I only use it because my new computer didn’t come with MS Word (which I prefer), and so now I wait impatiently for the day when MS Word 2010 is budgeted so I can embrace my first love.


  6. Nikole Hahn says:

    And Open Office is free. MS Word is not. LOL


    • Linda Yezak says:

      MS Word came on my new computer, so I guess it was “free” too. Well, actually, the guy at the store says some programs are free and others are severely discounted, which is what brought the price of PCs down to begin with.

      Doesn’t matter, though. I can’t get used to it. I started with WordPerfect back in the ’80s, and I reckon that’s the one I’ll stick with. Sometimes ruts are comfortable . . .


  7. Yes, sometimes doing it yourself is a lot more stressful than hiring a pro. I am lucky, what I can’t figure out, a very good friend, is happy to do for me. I do other things in return for his computer expertise, and so I go through less pain than you have.

    I tried Word Perfect, but I was used to Microsoft Word, and hated it. That, and almost everything I did required Word.

    Glad you have most of it done. No wonder you dreaded getting a new computer!


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