Techno-Idiot Strikes Again

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I went computer shopping. Finally. I’ve been putting it off for quite some time because I hate computer shopping. When the space bar on my old computer wouldn’t space without using brute strength, I pressed on and used the brute strength. When the M key insisted on getting stuck whenever I used it, I smiled and patiently deleted the five or six extra Ms stretched across the page. Funny how those problems corrected themselves. I still don’t know how that happened, but it did.

My keys had been losing their identification for quite some time, which was fine. I’ve been typing for around forty years, so I know what they all are. MSB, though, doesn’t. So having the letters worn off the R, S, T, and vowel keys aggravated him. I sympathized and helped him with his typing. When the E totally wore through and left a gaping hole in the key, I considered it par for the course. At least it still worked. When the entire computer got arthritic and slow, I understood. I’m getting arthritic and slow, too.

When the WiFi connector broke, that was the final straw sending this old camel to the store.

I’m not adventurous when it comes to technology. My old computer was a Hewlett Packard, so my new computer is a Hewlett Packard. Silly me, I thought I’d be in familiar territory.

Why do they have to keep messing with things?

There’s a button on the right side–well, it’s not really a button, I guess, more like a scanner. It wants to scan my fingerprint so I don’t ever have to remember my passwords again. Whenever I accidentally graze it, it pops on the screen with it’s little “Try Me, I’m Wonderful!” message. Whenever I sign into one of my sites, it wants to remember my password, but so does some other program that drops out of nowhere and says, “Try Me, I’m Wonderful!”

It has programs that I’ve never seen before, don’t know if I need, and wouldn’t know how to use if I did. And I’m scared to uninstall them because the entire computer may self-destruct if I do.


I’m not going to carry on about all the things that are different. It really isn’t that bad–it’ll just take some adjustments.

I found out–long after I left the store–that there’s such a thing as an Easy Transfer Cord, that will help transfer my pictures and documents from my old computer to my new one, which is a blessing beyond belief. I have to have the same programs on this computer that I have on my old one for the easy transfer to work, which shouldn’t be a problem, with the exception of Open Office. I relied heavily on Open Office because over the years, I came to understand how to work it, something that never happened with Microsoft Word. But guess what? Norton won’t let me download it onto my new computer because Norton doesn’t recognize it or something. So that’s an aggravation. Next aggravation is redeveloping my toolbars. Next one after that is redesigning my email signature through WiseStamp. Next aggravation after that is finding the sites I relied upon so heavily and bookmarking them again.

But the good news is, I can do it from anywhere in the house because the WiFi works, the battery isn’t shot like in my old one (I’d killed it within the first couple of months), and MSB can use the computer without me standing over his shoulder because all the keys are properly labeled. What I would really like to know is how to make this thing last a couple of decades so I don’t have to go through the adjustments every three or four years.

Okay, enough grousing. I don’t even know enough about this thing to make an educated complaint. I guess if I did know enough, I wouldn’t have anything to complain about, right?

So, I’m going to change the subject ~~~

Scroll down and sign up for a free copy of Katie Weiland’s Outlining Your Novel. Holding the drawing for the freebie doesn’t require computer savvie and I should be able to do it without a hitch. I’ll announce the winner next Monday!


Peppermint hugs and candy kisses!

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8 Responses to Techno-Idiot Strikes Again

  1. Sorry to hear that you are having such techno trouble. Hopefully it will be resolved soon. Writers do tend to wear out their laptops, no?


  2. At last, I now know someone who loved their computer to death. For someone who had not touched a computer until she was in her forties, I am amazed at how many I have gone through. However, I love computer shopping, as you know, and enjoy learning new applications and software. When not reading or writing, that is what I do in my spare time, just play around with the computer and find out everything it can do. Having a brand new, updated, all the recent bells and whistles computer makes my fingers tingle. Have fun, oh well, maybe that is the wrong choice of words. May your set up run smoothly without any glitches Once that is done, you know you will enjoy not having to fight for every word.


  3. LOL< I know what you mean – sometimes I am tired of technology and those endless messages. I had to update the system on my Apple Computer and I ended up with lots of new things, and changes in the old. Sometimes I think they make changes just for change sake, not because it really offers an entirely better option. Have a blessed day.



  4. Linda Yezak says:

    Right now, I’m having trouble with Adobe Flash Player. Firefox says I need to download it, Norton says it’s okay. Adobe says it can only run one application at a time–huh????? So, I went in, uninstalled it so I can reinstall it, and now the Adobe Flash Player page won’t even show up so I can download it. Grrrr!


  5. After 9 hours on the phone to India it became apparent that the only way Norton had to protect me from viruses was to never allow my computer access to the Internet. I’m with ya, girlfriend. Love/hate this stuff!

    Keep trying.


  6. They have a fingerprint scanner on computers now? I didn’t know that. Am I supposed to be impressed or freaked out?


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