K.M. Weiland Giveaway!

Guess what I have?! Not one, but two copies of Katie’s newest writing manual–and I’m going to give one to you!

Katie’s book:

  • Helps you choose the right type of outline for you
  • Guides you in brainstorming plot ideas
  • Aids you in discovering your characters
  • Shows you how to structure your scenes
  • Explains how to format your finished outline
  • Instructs you in how to use your outline

It also reveals the benefits and dispels the misconceptions about outlining, and gives you several things to think about as you’re planning your novel.

Katie and I will never entirely agree on “pantser v. outliner,” but under her influence, I’ve become more of a hybrid than a straight pantser. Many of the things she discusses in her book are things I already do, just at a different time in the process. But her book illustrates ways to get them done more thoroughly, which helps you to deepen your novel.

Whether you’re a pantser or an outliner, you can benefit from this book. And all you have to do to get it is to leave a note. I’ll hold a drawing next week and announce the winner the week after.

Good luck, everyone!

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Author/Freelance Editor/Speaker (writing and editing topics).
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43 Responses to K.M. Weiland Giveaway!

  1. joannesher says:

    OOOh! OOOHH! I want this one. (Does “please” increase my chances?? LOL guessing not – but I’m saying it anyway)

    Working on planning my novel out for NaNo AS WE SPEAK – but would love techniques for my next try 😉


  2. Hey, nice prize! 😉 Thanks for spreading the word, Linda!


  3. Thank you for this Giveaway, Linda!
    This would be an excellent prize!

    Please enter my name in this Giveaway.
    my email: madley (AT) cogeco (DOT) ca

    Thank you!


  4. looks like an awesome book. I want to learn more about outlining.


  5. Joanna C says:

    Totally entering this one! 😀 😀


  6. Just a few chapters to the end of my rough draft, and I am needing to tighten plot – I have a sneaking suspicion that this book will be helpful.

    Praying your day is blessed.


  7. Keaghan says:

    Oh, me! 🙂 Please?


  8. lorriee says:

    Me, me, me! I’m a mess…rReally need this book 🙂


  9. Elaine Sowell says:

    WHOOT…sign me up! Subscribed to your blog too…that way I can keep up with you better. 🙂


  10. CarolM says:

    I’m a pantser by nature but trying to become a bit more of a hybrid because I know that once I’m contracted [note the positivity in the ‘once’ rather than ‘when’ ;)] I’ll be writing on spec which I don’t think lends itself to a pantsers for obvious reasons. I’d love some more guidance :p.



  11. Thanks for the giveaway. I find lots of great tips and posts on K.M.’s blog but haven’t had a chance to read this book yet.

    I tend to be a hybrid w/ more plotting tendencies, but I could definitely use some fine tuning.


  12. Anna Labno says:

    Please enter me as well. Now, I read books about plotting and structure. This one will fit right there with the other ones for me to go through.

    Thank you,

    Anna Labno


  13. Jenna Wall says:

    O! Pick me! I read! Lol


  14. Sounds great! I’d love to be entered in the drawing.


  15. I’d like to be entered into the contest. Thanks


  16. Always on the lookout for new and better ways to jumpstart my creations. Would love to see what Katie recommends. Thanks!


  17. Millard says:

    Wonderful! I’d love to enter 🙂



  18. PatriciaW says:

    Definitely interested. I’ve tried both extremes and now I’m finding my way to a more comfortable hybrid process.

    Please enter me. pwriter1[at]yahoo[dot]com


  19. Linda Yezak says:

    Looks like there are some brilliant people who know a great deal when they see it. Whoever wins the book is in for a treat, and for those who don’t, it’s available on Amazon in both soft cover and Kindle.


  20. Oooh, thanks for the chance to win Katie’s book. I so need this! 🙂

    Ann Lee Miller


  21. perhaps this pantster will find something that will revolutionize her writing with this plotter book! please enter me. 🙂

    jeannie at charactertherapist dot com


  22. Cass Wessel says:

    A pantser by nature finding the need to outline. Book sounds like the ticket. Enter me, pls.


  23. I happened to read K.M.’s book because I was doing a “cheap books” search for my Kindle. Behold the Dawn was available for .99 so I got it. She is now my all time favorite author. Love her style!! I’d appreciate an entry in the drawing. aprilmarieg(at)gmail(dot)com. Thank you!!


  24. Susan Karsten says:

    The book sounds so great!! Thanks for that info.
    Susan Karsten


  25. Rachel Kulp says:

    Sounds like information I need. Please put my name in the hat. Rachel at
    rkulp000@centurytel.net Thank you.


  26. Sylvia says:

    Sounds like a great book! I’m a bit of a hybrid myself. I usually start free writing and then make a brief outline to go back and fill in weaker spots of the story. This could be a great benefit. I would love to win a copy!


  27. V.V. Denman says:

    I would love love love a copy of Katie’s book. 🙂


  28. Darlo Gemeinhardt says:

    The book sounds wonderful. As a pantster I need all the help I can get.


  29. Sheri Cook says:

    Me! Me! Pick ME! See me stretching my hand into the air and making my most I really really really want your book face? See?


  30. Kristine says:

    Thanks for doing this. I am just starting to create my writer’s resource library and this would come in quite handy. I have a Nano novel that I pantsed and now it needs a major overhaul, so I’d love to try outlining next time, but I don’t know how to start. Crossing my fingers 🙂


  31. Linda Yezak says:

    Good luck in the drawing, everyone. And good luck to those participating in NaNo this year!


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