We’re So Spoiled!

The difference between this picture and me, aside from the fact I’m not that skinny, is that I’m ready to pull the trigger on my laptop. Not a desk PC like in the pic, but the laptop with the broken wireless function that turned it into a desk PC. And I’d really pull the trigger, too, if I didn’t have so many things stored on this contraption.

Maybe when I get my new one and successfully transfer everything from here to there, I’ll take this thing outside and use it for target practice.

What I call my desk in the living room, with the fireplace to my left, the wonderful wall of windows to my right, and the TV playing softly in front of me, isn’t really a desk. It’s a drop-leaf table that barely has room for my puter,  reference books, notepads, and Cuddlebug (who figures the table is just as much hers as mine). My real desk is in a back bedroom and faces a wall with my awards and a clock that needs a new battery. I sit on a padless metal folding chair, because my big fancy desk chair doesn’t fit back here. I was stuck in this room for years before I discovered the liberating effects of portable computers.

Laptops. WiFi. Oh–and cordless phones! No longer are we wired in place by things we’ve come to need and depend on. We’ve become so spoiled that some of us get downright cranky if we have to sit in a cold metal chair and stare at a wall for inspiration. This chair doesn’t even swivel! I can’t turn to look out one of the tiny windows in this room without having to physically move my body, which is spoiled to my rocking, swiveling, leather desk chair.

Oh, wait. This is supposed to be about how “we” are so spoiled. It’s not supposed to be a solo whine fest sung in my rusty alto voice.

Face it, we are spoiled, right? I mean, some of my earliest pieces as a writer (albeit not a serious one) were typed on an IBM Selectric III with a handy-dandy erase button and ribbon cartridges that had to be changed at the most inopportune times. Since my dad had to type his reports on an old manual that took brute strength to depress the keys, I figured I had it great. And before his machine, folks were restricted to ballpoint pens, and before that, quills, and before that . . .

Well, I’m not going to recite the entire evolution of writing materials, but it’s true, we have it good. Even if we are stuck at a desk in the coldest room in the house, we still have it good because we have internet. If you really want to hear me whine, let my satellite internet service go out because of the weather.

It just dawned on me. This post may not make much sense, because I’ve had only one cup of coffee. I have to go all the way through the house to the kitchen for another. I didn’t have to walk so far from my other “desk.”

Okay, that settles it. I admit. This is about how spoiled I am. Forgive me as I lift my voice in a solo whine fest.

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15 Responses to We’re So Spoiled!

  1. Cynthia says:

    Love the pic, we’ve all had those moments. If it makes you feel any better, my desk and computer are in a very small breezeway between the living room and stairs leading to our second floor. Comfortable chair but not much space to get by to go upstairs. It really does work out but in the winter it gets very cold. (in upstate NY) so I sit there quite bundled up reminiscent of a little kid in a snowsuit…we get wicked winds on that side of the house.


  2. I agree, we’re spoiled rotten. And who hasn’t had thoughts of mass tech-icide? How easy it is to forget that when we have Christ, we have all we need. Maybe if we actually pull that trigger, we’ll realize that? Nah…


  3. Not trying to make you feel guilty, Linda, just preaching to myself!


  4. Lynn Mosher says:

    Ooo…I’ve been ready numerous times to toss, no, propel my laptop out the window. Vista! It drives me nuts! I had a desktop in my *office* which is a converted bedroom that is very dreary, with the windows behind me. I am s-o-o-o thankful for my laptop (even though it drives me nuts sometimes) and that I don’t have to be in that room. Enjoy your new one!


    • Linda Yezak says:

      I’ll enjoy my new one as soon as I get it! I just hate shopping for new computers, and dread everything required to break it in and set it up for my needs.

      Gripe, gripe, gripe. I guess you can tell I’m not a happy camper!


  5. Alex Adena says:

    Stopped by to leave some cheese with that whine. (ba-dum-dum.)

    You’re right that it is easy to lose perspective. We switched to new software at work in August and the blasted thing drove us NUTS during the first month. “It’s not a bug, it’s a feature,” we kept telling ourselves. The stupid thing wouldn’t even COPY and PASTE properly sometimes until after you have shut down and rebooted the PC.

    But then I tell myself that this software makes things possible that would have been unthinkable 25 years ago. I can hit a key and typeset something on a printing press 120 miles away. That makes me grateful that the days of hot type (or cold type, a waxing machine and an X-acto knife) are all things of the past.


    • Linda Yezak says:

      Make the cheese sharp cheddar, okay?

      Sounds like you’ve got a “don’t like change” problem. I guess mine is similar. I don’t like change when it means that something broke and I have to buy another. 🙂


  6. Fortunately whatever our desk size, there’s always room for Christ. And Jesus is the ultimate tech guy to have on your side. Remember “Jesus saves”–a handy reminder to back up your work often. How about right now, Linda?


  7. I love my laptop, but I confess I really haven’t discovered the joys of portability. Aside from the fact that my laptop isn’t so little, I’m just too lazy to mess with pulling my cords around with everywhere – and I hate when my battery runs out after only a few hours. Sorry about your computer!


    • Linda Yezak says:

      Before I hooked Mom’s house up with internet and WiFi, I took my computer to Hastings–cords and all, since my battery’s shot. I started taking a multi-plug extension cord, too, because invariably there were no open outlets. It’s nice to be able to take this with me wherever I go when I need to have it.

      It’ll be even nicer to take the new one with me, with a working wireless function and a brand new battery!


  8. It is so easy to become accustomed to conveniences. Before we had them, we didn’t know what we were missing, and after having them, we don’t want to be without them. I think “spoiled” is a relative term. I prefer to think of being in different degrees of inconveniences. Some I can tolerate better than others. Cold metal chairs, cold room, no window, no fire, no soft music, or easily obtained coffee i.e: having to walk further, would make me cranky too! .


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