Tell Me Your Book Faves

It’s time for me to spread my literary wings and try different genres, see what’s hot, discover the best authors, expand my horizons.

In the next several posts, and maybe once a week afterward, I’ll ask what your favorites are in different genres. I want the names of books that absolutely knocked your socks off, that you’ve kept for yourself and reread often, that will rate a 10 on a scale of 5.

Rule #1 to keep in mind: Don’t send me the name of a killer, must-read, A-1 book that’s only available electronically unless you’re willing to send me the electronic device to read it from. It’s true, I can download many of them, but after spending the day on my computer editing and writing, I don’t want to do my casual reading in front of my computer, too.

Each genre has several subgenres. Fantasy has “urban fantasy” as one of its subs, mystery has “cozy mystery,” romance has “historical,” etc. If you know the subgenre, include that information when you list your book. Also, several categories include almost all the genres, YA mysteries, YA romance, Christian fantasy, etc. So if I’m asking for adventures, for instance, and you have a great YA in mind, tell me it’s a young adult novel.

If you really want a gold star, mention the name of an author who has written a how-to in a specific genre. For instance, Leigh Michaels wrote On Writing Romance: How to craft a novel that sells. If you know of something similar for a specific genre, please tell!

Since I’m already behind on my reading, today’s hits will be yesterday’s news by the time I get to these recommendations, but I want to add them to my list. So, today’s call is for:

Speculative Fiction

Although I read fantasy when I was younger, I’m weakest in it today. I didn’t even realize the genre was called “spec fiction” until recently. The subjects and subgenres have changed over the years, and books in this genre are exceedingly popular today. So many new authors write spec. I need to re-introduce myself to this fun genre.

So, you game? Tell me your favorites!


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14 Responses to Tell Me Your Book Faves

  1. The best ever is still probably Frank Peretti’s This Present Darkness. That novel made me realize how real the spiritual realm is on Earth.

    While I don’t read a lot of spec fiction, I have read a few books this year that I would highly recommend. The Resurrection by Mike Duran is a favorite. I also enjoyed Darkness Follows by Mike Dellosso, Homemade Haunting (a satire) by Rob Stennett, The Strange Man by Greg Mitchell, & Book of Days by Jim Rubart.

    Happy reading!


    • Linda Yezak says:

      Oh–I *loved* Peretti’s Piercing the Darkness and Rubart’s Rooms. I’m impressed with Duran’s blog posts. Wow. You’ve given me a wonderful list. Thanks, Brenda!


  2. Hey, I like your pic on this post! 😉 Absolute #1 favorite spec-fic novel is Brandon Sanderson’s fantasy Mistborn: The Final Empire. It’s the first novel I’ve given five stars to in years. It’s the first book of a trilogy, but, really, it stands alone as a story of its own too.


  3. Linda Yezak says:

    You gave a book five stars? It must have been stellar. Going on my list! Thanks, Katie.

    (Yeah, I thought you’d like that shot 😀 )


  4. joannesher says:

    Mine’s already up there, but I’ll list it anyway 🙂 Peretti’s This Present Darkness. Not a big spec fic reader, but Peretti is VERY good.


  5. Frank Peretti’s This Present Darkness is what started my two decade love affair with Christian fiction!

    But I don’t read a lot of Spec. Fiction these days.


  6. I don’t really read this genre, so I’ll abstain for now. But, I’ll be more than willing to add my two-cents when you get to genres I do read! 😀

    I did notice you’re reading a book on Goodreads now that I’ve got on my Kindle… but it’s not spec-fic.


  7. Brad says:

    I recommend Brown’s Da Vinci Code and The Shack. I would call both speculative fiction and they do certain things very, very well.


  8. Annie says:

    Been working my way through the autobiography section of my library. I have learned about Lance Armstrong & have a book written by his mom which should be interesting. Right now I am reading No Excuses by Kyle Maynard about a gentleman born with no limbs who wrestles and lives life beyond the fullest!! Really good! I also am a fan of Frank Peretti!


    • Linda Yezak says:

      I love biographies of interesting people. I haven’t read a good one in quite some time–haven’t read one, good or otherwise, in quite some time. I need more time to read. Maybe I should give up sleeping! 😀


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