I Love Research!

My internet is out (still) so Blackberry and I have united to write this short note about what I get to do this weekend–Research!

I told you about my new project, Southern Challenge (I changed the name from Southern Futurity), a new contemporary romance set in the world of cutting horse competitions. Well, this weekend I get to go to one of the contests right outside my hometown.

I love this kind of research. I’ve got my camera ready, my questions listed, and I’m ready to go! I get to talk with folks who are involved with everything from raising the horses to competing in the arena.

Those who read Give the Lady a Ride were impressed with the setting details. Some even commented that I must’ve been raised in the ranching and rodeo life to portray it so fully and accurately. Then, there are those who read my blog and know I’m a city girl (I got cheated), and were still impressed with my setting details.

Research. That’s all it is. Interviews, attending events, keeping my eyes open for the unusual. Other than holding my new book in my hand, research is my favorite part of this job.

Can’t wait to get started!

My ISP, WildBlue, was vandalized somehow in such a way it destroyed their ability to provide their customers with service. But if they’re up and running again by the time I get home, I’ll post some pictures for you.

Oh, and I’ll have an exciting announcement, too! Stay tuned!

Peppermint hugs and candy cane kisses!

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7 Responses to I Love Research!

  1. Lynn Mosher says:

    Ooo…fun, fun! Can’t wait! 😀


  2. Darn. I was thinking from your title, that you meant book/library research, which I love, love, love. Okay, okay…so heading out to horse competitions, hanging out with studly guys in cowboy hats, admiring finely rippled muscles (on the horses! Okay, on the studly guys, too)…I suppose all that could be fun, too. Enjoy! And yes, send pictures.


  3. K.M. Weiland says:

    Sounds like fun! Can’t wait to get a sneak peek. Cutting is a fascinating sport.


  4. i never would “have took” you for a city girl,,,but heck, you have the country girl style down.


  5. Walk says:

    I just seen in the local paper that here in Duncan, Okieland, there is a “Western Fall Fest”, one part of it is the “Chisholm Trail Book Festival” which last year had around 75 authors participating, a couple of years ago the newsman Bill Kurtis was here. Its runs from Sept. 16 to 18 and if you’d like more info, just let me know. Thought it would be a good place to sell a few books.


  6. Linda Yezak says:

    Carol–what ever gave you the idea I’d be checking out the cowboys?! ;D

    Glenn–It was a mid-size city when I was a kid. I’m not from like–Houston, or anything awful like that 😀

    Walk–Yes! Interested! Is it an annual event?


  7. Oh what fun! Reminds me of my younger years. Although I never rode horses, my daughter has since she was able to sit in a saddle. She just completed a cattle drive – yes, on a horse. I’ve watched cutting competitions (I know people who compete). The horses are amazing, and well, yes the cowboys can be too. I am looking forward to seeing the pictures!


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