Expanded Review of Buried Secrets, by Joseph Finder

Buried SecretsBuried Secrets by Joseph Finder
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Finder took me by surprise. He drove me down a predictable road, even verifying my suspicions so often I wondered what he was up to. Then, without warning, he stomped on the gas and whipped around a hairpin turn so fast I left my stomach behind and didn’t find it again until we reached the end of the trail.

A young lady is kidnapped, the suspects are clear, the motive apparently obvious, but nothing is completely as it seems in this, the second “Nick Heller” thriller. With the exception of cutting his chapters similar to James Patterson’s “Alex Cross” novels, Finder’s style is unique. He’s not aggressive with with the tension like Tami Hoag and Lisa Gardner are, but lets it build at an even pace, sets the hook slowly before reeling.

As I read, I thought, I bet this one is involved. Sure enough, she was. I bet this one isn’t who she says she is. She wasn’t. I bet this is the reason the girl was kidnapped.


And that was when I discovered I’d been hooked.

Company Man is still my favorite of Finder’s works, but Buried Secrets is worth the ride. Strap in, but don’t get comfortable . . .

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1 Response to Expanded Review of Buried Secrets, by Joseph Finder

  1. K.M. Weiland says:

    Sounds interesting. I love plot twists!


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