Book Club Party

Back when I first got my book cover for Give the Lady a Ride, I was so excited I posted it everywhere, including a website for ladies over fifty called VibrantNation. Even on that secular site there are Christians who love to read, and one of them, Paula Davies, contacted me about my novel. She’s a member of a book club, she said, and would like to suggest my book to the members. Would I mind?

Uh, no, I wouldn’t mind at all!

In fact, I offered a discount and said I’d sign their books for them.

Later, Carol Peterson, a friend from told me she was a member of Paula’s group. She’s the one who took the pictures at this party they had.

Carol is a gem. She gave my book some thought and came up with some great promotion ideas.  I love this one:

3. Create a party plan for a western hoedown based on your book. Include:

a. Announcements and invitations that you create. Folks can go to your site, download them and print them out

b. A list of food items both for a potluck meal and for simple appetizers

c. Include one or two of your personal, easy-to-make recipes. Name them after your characters. “Patricia’s Potato Pies”

d. Suggest items for table settings, dinnerware

i. Mason jars for drinking

ii. Mis-matched dishes

iii. Cowboy hats, ropes, horseshoes and daisies for centerpieces

iv. Red and white checked plastic tablecloths

v. Red and blue bandanas for napkins

e. Suggested ideas for costuming:

i. Cowboy hats and boots

ii. Red bandanas at neck

iii. Ponytails

iv. Western wear

v. Jeans with a belt

vi. Vests

This sounds like so much fun! I intend to hold another party as soon as I can. Meantime, if anyone is interested in hosting a party or having their club read my book, drop me a note at

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10 Responses to Book Club Party

  1. Lisa Grace says:

    Congratulations on the party. Your readers are great.

    Great idea! I think I’ll add a page to my website for an angel party.

    We could serve angel food cake, devil’s food cake, heavenly hash, soul food, etc…

    decorations could include halos (napkin rings) feathers…

    You got me thinkin’ now girl!


  2. Linda! This is nearly as much fun seeing this as it was being at the party! I hope lots of other groups will join in the fun, too.


    • Linda Yezak says:

      Carol, you don’t know how much I appreciate your ideas! I’m going to look into the Skype thing as soon as I can too.


  3. K.M. Weiland says:

    Love it! What a fabulous idea. And how much to see half a dozen people holding up a copy of your book!


    • Linda Yezak says:

      Yeah–doncha love that? There are more in the group who read my book, but that’s who showed up for the party. Great!!!


  4. I love the picture and Carol’s ideas. It just goes to show, marketing can take in a lot of different venues. Thanks for sharing.


    • Linda Yezak says:

      Yep–marketing can take on different forms. I really love this idea. She even gave me a link to find other Christian book clubs. Talk about terrific!!!


  5. Beth Vogt says:

    Such fun ideas! Isn’t it great when others get excited about your book?


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