Date Day!

One thing about being at Mom’s–I get to date my husband more often then when I’m home. I’d love to say we dated once a week in our ordinary lives, but that doesn’t happen. Once a month, we go to Sam’s in Lufkin, replenish our supplies, then have lunch before coming home. Since his hours changed several years ago, that has been the extent of it.

Last week was MSB’s birthday, so the kids took us to Olive Garden. This week I had him all to myself. We had lunch in a little German food restaurant downtown, then did what we do best–food shop!

One thing we both love is farmer’s markets, and I’ve watched this one in the picture grow from a tiny stand to a huge enterprise that also delivers produce to area restaurants. They used to handle products only from local farmers, but now they’re truly international. MSB and I went on a world food tour: Jicama from Mexico, boc choy from China, eggplant from Japan–so many things I wanted to try. However, since Mom’s not much of a culinary adventurer, we settled for fresh zucchini. Yeah, yeah–I know: Lame. But the menu for the evening meal included cheesy grits and shrimp, and the fried zucchini went great with it.

And that’s the other part of the date day routine we’re falling into–MSB gets treated to his wife’s cooking. Here, though, after missing him all week, I like to serve something aside from our usual fare, and the grits, shrimp, and zucchini were a huge hit.

I guess we’re pretty boring daters. Lunch, the farmer’s market, Sam’s, the grocery store–all followed with a home cooked meal, a ton of dishes, and a walk.

But it doesn’t matter what we do together, he can still make me laugh, still make my heart flutter, still get me light-headed with his kisses. Believe me, age and familiarity only enhance dates. Kids don’t have the market cornered on romance.

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5 Responses to Date Day!

  1. K.M. Weiland says:

    Sounds like fun to me! And how can you go wrong with cheesy grits?


  2. Linda Yezak says:

    They came out soooo good!


  3. Sounds like a perfect Date Day to me. My husband and I do the same thing. Nice to have these moments of romance in the middle of a very hectic life!


  4. Linda Yezak says:

    Marie–you and your hubby sound like our kind of people!


  5. headinghome says:

    Aw! It does grow sweeter, doesn’t it? Dates don’t have to cost money…just time well spent.

    I hope you didn’t buy the eggplant from Japan! You might light up like a light bulb!

    And cheese grits! One of my favorites! Yummo!


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