Valentine is spelled R*E*F*U*N*D

(Flickr photo by laurie.mcgregor)

I have no clue how long we’ve been doing this, but since we’ve been here around sixteen years, I’m going to guess it’s been around sixteen years. What am I talking about? Celebrating Valentine’s day at H&R Block.

Nothing says love like paying your taxes.

You’d be amazed how romantic it can be. We hold hands on our way to town, whispering meaningful phrases to each other:

“Did you remember . . . ?”

“What about . . .?”

“Was that deductible?”

Our annual walk down memory lane brings dollar signs to our eyes and Uncle Sam to our minds. He’s watching, you know. Whacks the heck out of any nostalgia we may otherwise experience.

Once we sit down with the accountant, we hold hands again, gripping tighter and tighter as she hits the keys and mumbles to herself. We do things together, like jump to accommodate her every whim.

“Do you have your 1040?”

“Right here.”

“Your 1099-R? Schedule A? Schedule E?”

“Here, here, and here.”

Of course, this may not sound romantic to you, but to us it’s almost as sentimental as our anniversary. We’re still married; we have another year of co-mingled funds to prove it. Uncle Sam is proud, a fact generally illustrated with a refund.

Once we’ve signed every single page required of us, wiped sweat from our brows for not having to pay in again this year, we walk hand in hand back to the truck, and go out to eat. IHOP this time. That’s romantic . . . isn’t it?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

PS to those who participated in last week’s drawing and had to wait for me to get back from Mom’s to make the announcement: the winner is Peggy Clement!  Thanks for playing, Peggy!

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4 Responses to Valentine is spelled R*E*F*U*N*D

  1. K.M. Weiland says:

    Must be something about initials on Valentine’s… H&R… IHOP… :p HVD! (Happy Valentine’s Day! 😉 )


  2. Fun post! You scared me for a minute. Eegad it’s the 14th and tomorrow is tax day. Then I realized it was February when you started talking Valentine’s. Are you old enough to remember when tax day was on March 15?


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