Duck Scratch

We got snow last Friday! Not a lot, just enough so hubby could stay home from work and keep the fireplace going. As you can tell, one of the ducks came up to pay us a visit. MSB’s footprints look huge in comparison.

I wish I’d had my camera earlier. Three of the four ducks had been on the porch, and their prints criss-crossed in the snow in a crazy pattern, but the next flurry covered it. You’ve heard of chicken-scratch? That was “duck scratch.” The picture would’ve been far more applicable to the way things have been around here while I’m gearing up for Give the Lady a Ride‘s release next month.

I’ve been running around like crazy–cyberspacially speaking–lining up folks to help promote my book. To a certain extent, I’ve been lucky. A few folks actually askedme if they could help.

Angels. That’s what they are. Angels.

This whole business seems so narcissistic. I didn’t realize how much it would bug me to ask for help because, being from a family of hams, I’ve never been shy of the limelight–but that was usually because I was asked to be in it. Now I’m the one doing the asking, and it just feels weird.

But I’m getting things done. My posts, interviews, and reviews are almost ready to go. Even though everything looked helter-skelter, like the early duck prints, while I was scrambling last week, things turned out like the prints in this picture–a little off-kilter, a little wobbly, but headed in the right direction.

We’re good.

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6 Responses to Duck Scratch

  1. Are you going to be coming to Tyler to promote? Let me know if you do . . .would like to be there! Love the pic of duck prints. I can almost see the pigeon-toed little rascal coming up your walk.


  2. K.M. Weiland says:

    Wow, next month is coming up fast. I went crazy when I had *year* to prep for Behold’s launch. You’re amazing!


    • Linda Yezak says:

      I laid the groundwork for most of this last year. My first speaking engagement landed me three more–which helps. I still have book signings to schedule, but I think I’m okay. Besides, I’ll have to market for the rest of the year at least, no point scheduling everything for the debut!


  3. Walk says:

    Keep us up-to-date on your schedule, I’d love to come to one of your signings. Also let us know where you’ve been interviewed or reviewed so we can say “I knew her when…”.


  4. linda yezak says:

    Hey Walk! I’ll post a schedule when I have it made up. Thanks for being interested. I appreciate you!


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